Honor of Kings Tier List

Honor of kings Tier List (Best Character!) (February, 2024)

The “Honor of Kings” tier list ranks heroes across roles—Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, Tank, Support—highlighting their current game effectiveness. It’s valued for its comprehensive coverage, strategic depth, and adaptability to the latest meta, guiding players in hero selection for improved gameplay and strategic team composition.

What is tier list in Honor of Kings

The “Honor of Kings” tier list is a classification system that ranks the playable characters, known as heroes, in the game based on their effectiveness in competitive play. This ranking is often organized into several categories or tiers, usually labeled as S, A, B, C, and sometimes D or lower. Each tier reflects the hero’s potential impact in matches, with the following general meanings:

S Tier: These heroes are currently the most powerful and effective in the game. They have strong abilities, high versatility, and can significantly influence the outcome of a match. S tier heroes are considered top picks and are often prioritized in competitive play.

A Tier: A tier heroes are strong and reliable choices, performing well in many situations. While they may not dominate as consistently as S tier heroes, they are still highly effective and can lead teams to victory with the right strategy.

B Tier: B tier heroes are viable and can be effective in the right hands or with specific team compositions. They might require a higher level of skill or a more strategic approach to unlock their full potential.

C Tier: C tier heroes are considered situational picks, best used in niche scenarios or when they specifically counter certain opponents. They generally have more weaknesses or are less versatile than higher-tier heroes.

D Tier: Heroes in the D tier are often seen as the least viable in the current meta. They might have significant weaknesses or be outclassed by other heroes in their roles. D tier heroes are rarely chosen in competitive play unless for very specific strategies or personal preference.

The tier list is dynamic and can change with game updates, balance changes, and the evolving meta-game as players discover new strategies or as new heroes are introduced. It serves as a guide for players to understand which heroes are currently strong and can help in deciding which heroes to learn, prioritize, or pick in competitive matches.

Honor of Kings Tier List 2024 (Ranking, February 2024)

hok tier list
SLi Bai, Han Xin, Zilong, Diao Chan, Ying, Mulan, LamKongming, Diao Chan, Milady, Nuwa, AngelaJuniper, Luban no 7, Marco PoloZilong, Lu Bu, Sun Wukong (Monkey King), Lixin, Kai (Kaizer), YingBeast (Zhang Fei), Lian Po, Lu Bu, Eclipse (Donghunag Taiyi), Kai (Kaizer)Sun Bin (Timebender), Liu Shan (Mischief), Kui (Voidcaller)
ANakaruru, Prince of Lanling, Mirrorblade),
Kai (Kaizer)
Sun Bin (Timebender)Solarus (Huo Yi), Private Ear (Fang),
Arthur, Biron, Mushashi, Eternal Sage, Dian Wei (Berserker)Ata, Liu Shan (Mischief), WuyanYaria, Beast (Zhang Fei)
BPei (Tigerous), Luna, Ukyo Tachibana, Sima YiGao (Guitarist), Dr Bian (Chemist), Lady Zhen, Xiao QiaoLady Sun, ArliPeacekeeper (Mozi), Kaizer, Athena, Charlotte, DharmaDreambuilder (Zhuangzi)Eclipse (Donghuang Taiyi), Liu Shan (Mischief), Dolia, Cai Yan (Little Lute),
CKui (Voidcaller), Princess Frost, Gao and Mo, DajiConsort Yu , FangYang Jian, Tigerous (Pei)Seafarer (Sun Ce)Cai Yan (Little Lute), Dreambuilder (Zhuangzi), Ming, Da Qiao
DFireraiser (Zhou Yu), Breezy (Xiao Qiao)Judge Dee (Di Renjie)Dian Wei (Berserker)Xiang Yu (Hegemon)

This “Honor of Kings” tier list is considered highly effective for several reasons, making it a valuable resource for players ranging from beginners to competitive enthusiasts. Here’s why this tier list stands out:

Comprehensive Coverage: It categorizes heroes across all roles—Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, Tank, and Support—providing a well-rounded view of the game’s meta. This inclusivity ensures players of all preferences find valuable information tailored to their favorite roles.

Strategic Depth: By ranking heroes within each role according to their current effectiveness in the game, the tier list offers deep insights into the strategic potential of each character. This helps players make informed decisions about which heroes to prioritize for learning and mastering, based on their role’s impact in the game.

Adaptability to Meta: The tier list reflects the latest game updates, balance changes, and shifts in the competitive meta. This adaptability makes it a reliable guide for players looking to stay ahead in the game, ensuring they are always aware of the strongest picks at any given time.

Role Versatility: Some heroes appear in multiple categories, highlighting their versatility and the various ways they can be played effectively. This information is particularly useful for players looking to maximize the utility of their hero pool, offering insights into unconventional but potent hero roles and combinations.

Strategic Selection for Team Composition: By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of heroes across different tiers and roles, players can craft stronger team compositions that leverage the synergies between high-tier heroes. This strategic layer adds depth to pre-game planning and can significantly influence the outcome of matches.

Guidance for All Levels of Play: The tier list serves as a roadmap for player development, offering guidance on which heroes to focus on at different stages of skill growth. For beginners, sticking to higher-tier heroes might provide a smoother learning curve, while advanced players can explore lower-tier heroes for niche strategies and counter-play.

Dynamic and Up-to-Date: Regular updates to the tier list ensure it remains a relevant and trustworthy resource. As players and developers continue to evolve the game, this tier list adapts, providing a snapshot of the current competitive landscape.

In summary, this “Honor of Kings” tier list is highly regarded because it offers a comprehensive, strategically insightful, and up-to-date analysis of the heroes, making it an indispensable tool for players looking to enhance their gameplay and competitive edge.

How to Use the Tier List

For beginners, the tier list is a valuable resource for learning which heroes to prioritize. Experienced players can use it to refine their strategies and counter the current meta.

  • Focusing on S and A tier heroes, this section provides strategies to maximize their potential in matches.
  • Knowing how to counter popular heroes can give you a significant advantage. This section offers tips and tactics to overcome commonly picked S and A tier heroes
  • An effective team is more than just a collection of high-tier heroes. This section discusses how to build a cohesive team that works well together.
  • Winning in “Honor of Kings” isn’t just about defeating opponents; it’s also about smart play and objective control. This section emphasizes the importance of map awareness.
  • Improvement comes from practice and a willingness to learn. Here, we discuss how to analyze your playstyle and learn from mistakes.
  • The meta of “Honor of Kings” is ever-changing. This section speculates on how future updates might affect the tier list.

The tier list is a dynamic and essential tool for all “Honor of Kings” players. By understanding and utilizing it, players can significantly improve their gameplay and climb the ranks.


What makes a hero S tier?

S tier heroes have a significant impact on the game through their abilities, versatility, and synergy with other heroes.

Can B or C tier heroes be effective in high-level play?

Yes, with the right strategy and team composition, B and C tier heroes can be surprisingly effective against higher-tier opponents.

How often does the tier list change?

The tier list can change with each game update, as new heroes are introduced and existing ones are adjusted.

Is it better to focus on a few high-tier heroes or a wider range of heroes?

Focusing on a few high-tier heroes can help you master their playstyles, but being versatile with a wider range of heroes can make you more adaptable to different team compositions and strategies.

How can I keep up with meta changes?

Following community discussions, patch notes, and tier list updates from reputable sources can help you stay informed about the current meta.

All Other Characters Build

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Angela Hero Icon


Arli Hero Icon


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Athena Hero Icon


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Cai Yan Hero Icon

Cai Yan

Charlotte Hero Icon


Blind Wing Hero Icon


Consort Yu Hero Icon

Consort Yu

Da Xiao Hero Icon

Da Qiao

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Dharma Hero Icon


Di Renjie Hero Icon

Di Renjie

Dian Wei Hero Icon

Dian Wei

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Dr Bian Hero Icon

Dr Bian

Dun Hero Icon


Fang Hero Icon


FUZI Hero Icon


GAN AND MO Hero Icon

Gan and Mo

GAO Hero Icon


GUAN YU Hero Icon

Guan Yu

Han Xin Hero Icon

Han Xin

Hou Yi Hero Icon

Hou Yi

Lady Zhen Hero Icon

Lady Zhen

Lam Hero Icon


Li Bai Hero Icon

Li Bai

Li Xin Hero Icon

Li Xin

lian po Hero Icon

Lian Po

Liu Shan Hero Icon

Liu Shan

Lu Bu Hero Icon

Lu Bu

luban Hero icon

Luban No 07

Luna Hero Icon


Mai Shiranui Hero Icon

Mai Shiranui

Marco Polo Hero Icon

Marco Polo

Menki Hero Icon


Milady Hero Icon


Ming Hero Icon


Mozi Hero Icon


Mulan Hero Icon


Musashi Hero Icon


Nakoruru Hero Icon


Nuwa Hero Icon


Tigerous Hero Icon


Prince of Lanling Hero Icon

Prince of Lanling

FROST Hero Icon

Princess Frost

Baili Shouyue Hero Icon


Sima Yi Hero Icon

Sima Yi

Sun Bin Hero Icon

Sun Bin

Ukyo Hero Icon

Ukyo Tachibana

Wukong Hero Icon


Wuyan Hero Icon


Xiang yu Hero Icon

Xiang Yu

Xiao Qiao Hero Icon

Xiao Qiao

Yang Jian Hero Icon

Yang Jian

Yaria Hero Icon


Ying Hero Icon


Zhang Fei Hero Icon

Zhang Fei

Zhou Yu Hero Icon

Zhou Yu

Zhuangzi Hero Icon


Zilong Hero Icon


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