Timebender Pro Build Guide

Honor of kings Timebender: Builds, Synergies, Counters (Pro Guides)

Sun Bin, Also Known As Timebender, is a versatile support mage with strong supportive abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will know about his skills and abilities, Pro Build Guide, Synergies and Counters.

HOK Timebender

timebender hero image

Sun Bin is a versatile mage with strong supportive abilities in the game, excelling in crowd control, mobility enhancement, and damage mitigation. Utilize his unique skillset to create openings for your team, disrupt enemy strategies, and secure victory in team fights. Be mindful of his weaknesses against assassins and prioritize positioning for maximum impact.

Timebender Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Tactical Support


Crowd Control/Team Buffs


Late Game

Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position

Back Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

Low Requirements

Timebender Skills and Abilities

Hourglass of Time (Passive): When Timebender uses a skill, his movement speed increases by 30% for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: Using a skill briefly increases his movement speed, enhancing his survivability and disrupting the enemy’s attack rhythm.

Time Bomb (Skill 01): Timebender throws a bomb in a targeted direction, attaching it to the target for 3 seconds before it explodes. When attached, it deals 180/225/270/315/360/405 (+18% Magic Power) magic damage, and upon explosion, it deals 540/675/810/945/1080/1215 (+54% Magic Power) magic damage to enemies within range, slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. Detaching the bomb will trigger the explosion immediately.

Cooldown: 7/6.8/6.6/6.4/6.2/6s Cost: 60
Tips: This is an essential crowd control skill for Sun Bin with a long range, making it useful for keeping enemies at bay or retreating. The skill can also reduce the enemy’s magic resistance, increasing the damage potential for allied mages.

Flux Capacitor (Skill 02): Timebender channels the power of time, granting allies within range a 40%/44%/48%/52%/56%/60% movement speed increase and 5% cooldown reduction for himself. When the effect ends, time rewinds, returning 50% of damage taken and 50% of the mana and energy expended during the skill’s duration.

Cooldown: 11/10.8/10.6/10.4/10.2/10s Cost: 60
Tips: This skill grants a damage-absorbing shield to nearby allies and increases their movement speed, enhancing their damage potential. It is a powerful skill for chasing or covering ally retreats and is one of Sun Bin’s most distinctive support abilities as a mage.

Time Lapse (Ultimate): Timebender throws an enhanced bomb that unfolds a force field upon hitting an enemy or reaching its maximum distance. The force field deals 500/625/750 (+45% Magic Power) magic damage to enemies within range, slowing them by 90% and interrupting their skills, causing a 1-second silence. After 5 seconds, the force field explodes, dealing an additional 1500/1875/2250 (+135% Magic Power) magic damage.

Cooldown: 45/40/35s Cost: 100
Tips: This skill has a large range and can silence and slow multiple enemies in team fights, indirectly reducing enemy damage and creating favorable conditions for allied heroes.

HOK Timebender Pro Builds

Extreme Shadow Item
Radiant Mirror item
boots of resistance item
Holy Grail Item
succubus cloak item
Ominous-Premonition Item
fate arcana
harmony arcana
hunter arcana
vacuity arcana
Heal Common Skills


  • Extreme Shadow
  • Radiant Mirror
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Holy Grail
  • Succubus Cloak
  • Ominous Premonition


  • Fate 10x
  • Harmony 5x
  • Hunter 5x
  • Vacuity 10x

Common Skills

  • Heal

Timebender Best Synergy Hero

  1. Marco Polo: Sun Bin’s second skill can help Marco Polo chase enemies with its short speed boost, making it harder for them to dodge Marco Polo’s linear first skill. Sun Bin’s ultimate can also provide a favorable environment for Marco Polo to deal damage by silencing enemies.
  2. Gao Jianli: Sun Bin’s second skill compensates for Gao Jianli’s lack of mobility, and his ultimate can silence enemies, assisting Gao Jianli in dealing damage during team fights.

Timebender Counterplay

  1. Assassins with high burst damage can easily eliminate Sun Bin, a sustained damage dealer.
  2. Evade Sun Bin’s control skills by dodging and maintaining distance.
  3. In team fights, spread out to avoid being silenced and slowed by Sun Bin’s ultimate, affecting more allies.

Prince of Lanling: Lan Ling Wang’s invisibility and burst damage make it easy for him to get close to Timebender and eliminate him quickly.

Timebender Teamfight Strategy

In team fights, Sun Bin excels at counter-attacks. His second skill providesallies with a speed boost and a shield, making it easier for them to engage or disengage. When enemies dive into your formation, use Timebender’s third skill to weaken their damage output and disrupt the battlefield. While enemies are slowed, the first skill has a higher chance of hitting and controlling multiple enemies, creating favorable conditions for your allies to deal damage.

How to Play Timebender (Gameplay Strategy)

As a Pro gamer, Here is a Suggested Gameplay that you can use to play Timebender in Early, Mid and Late Game.

Early Game Strategy:

  1. Farming: Focus on farming and securing experience points in your lane to level up your skills, especially Time Bomb (Skill 01) and Flux Capacitor (Skill 02). Clear minion waves efficiently and avoid overextending in the lane.
  2. Harassment: Use Time Bomb (Skill 01) to poke enemies from a safe distance, while keeping an eye on your mana to avoid running out of resources. Aim to disrupt the enemy’s farm and create pressure on their laner.
  3. Vision and Map Control: Provide vision by placing wards around the map, especially near key objectives such as the Tyrant and Spirit Sentinel. This will help your team avoid enemy ganks and facilitate better decision-making.

Mid Game Strategy:

  1. Roaming and Ganking: With your core skills leveled up, start roaming and assisting your teammates in securing kills. Use Time Bomb (Skill 01) to engage, followed by Flux Capacitor (Skill 02) to boost allies’ movement speed and increase their damage potential.
  2. Objective Control: Participate in securing objectives like the Tyrant and Spirit Sentinel. Use your skills to zone out and control enemies, making it difficult for them to contest objectives.
  3. Team Fights: Position yourself behind your frontline, providing support and crowd control with your skills. Look for opportunities to land a well-timed Time Lapse (Ultimate) to disrupt enemy team’s formation and create favorable conditions for your allies.

Late Game Strategy:

  1. Map Pressure: Keep lanes pushed and maintain vision control around key objectives like Dark Tyrant and Overlord.
  2. Team Fights: Prioritize staying alive and providing utility to your team. Use Time Bomb (Skill 01) to poke enemies and Flux Capacitor (Skill 02) to assist your allies in engaging or disengaging. Look for the right moment to unleash Time Lapse (Ultimate) to cause maximum disruption to the enemy team.
  3. Pick Off and Siege: Help your team secure picks by catching enemies out of position with your crowd control abilities. After securing a pick, pressure the enemy base by sieging towers and inhibitors, using your skills to control and zone out defenders.

By executing this early, mid, and late game strategy, you’ll provide your team with valuable support, crowd control, and utility, maximizing your chances of victory in Honor of Kings as Timebender.

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