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Honor of Kings Arthur Build Guide (Fighters/Tank/Assassin)

Arthur is a powerful and versatile warrior in the popular MOBA game, Honor of Kings. Renowned for his tankiness, crowd control abilities, and damage output, Arthur is a popular choice for players looking to dominate the battlefield.

In this comprehensive build guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Arthur, from his abilities and playstyle to the most effective item builds and strategies for maximizing his potential.

HOK Arthur (Fighters/Tank)

Arthur is a hero that can use his skills fluidly. Try hiding in the brush and hitting enemies with a combo. Be careful after you have used skills in a team fight. Skill 1 can be used to hold back enemies or escape.

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Arthur Power’s, Lane and Position Intro

Hero Survivability


Hero Damage Output


Hero Mastery Dificulty




Sub Class

Assault Fighter


Crowed Control/Initiator

Team Fight Position

Front Row

Recommend Lane

Clash Lane/Roaming

Crimson/Azure Golem

No Requirements

Understanding Arthur’s Abilities and Playstyle

To play Arthur effectively, you must first understand his unique set of abilities and how they synergize with each other. Here’s a rundown of Arthur’s abilities:

  1. Passive Skill- Holy Vanguard : Invokes the protection of the Holy Vanguard to restore 2% of his max Health every 2s If his Movement Speed is decreased, this effect is doubled.
  2. Skill 1-Valiant Charge: Enhances the next Basic Attack to dash, inflicting extra damage and silence.
  3. Skill 2- Whirling Strike: Deals damage over time to nearby enemies in range. 
  4. Ultimate- Might of Excalibur: Jumps to the target enemy hero to deal damage Launches all heroes within range.

If You want more details, You can check out this guide here about Arthur skills.

Arthur’s Skill Upgrade Priority

When levelling Arthur’s skills, focus on the following priority:

  1. Ultimate – Might of Excalibur
  2. Skill 1 – Valiant Charge
  3. Skill 2 – Whirling Strike

Prioritizing Arthur’s survivability and damage potential. Valiant Charge should be maxed next for its damage and crowd control, followed by Excalibur’s Wrath for its initiation and mobility.

Arthur Build Guides

When crafting your Arthur build in Honor of Kings, it’s crucial to consider the optimal item, Arcana, and Spell choices to maximize his potential on the battlefield. Here are some key points to remember:

  1. Synergy: Ensure that your chosen items, Arcana and Spell, complement Arthur’s abilities and playstyle. Aim for a balance of offence and defence to capitalize on his versatility.
  2. Core Items: Prioritize items that enhance Arthur’s survivability, damage output, and mobility.
  3. Arcana Selection: Focus on Arcana that amplifies Arthur’s strengths. Suitable Arcana for Arthur typically includes Attack Damage, Armor, and Health attributes. 
  4. Spell Choice: Select a Spell that supports Arthur’s role in the game. For instance, Heal or Purify can be helpful for increased survivability, while Execute or Flicker can help secure kills or initiate fights.
  5. Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust your build according to the game’s circumstances. Consider your team composition and the enemy’s lineup when selecting items, Arcana, and Spells. This flexibility will help you counter specific threats and better support your teammates.
  6. Timings and Power Spikes: Remember the game’s stages when choosing your build. Aim for items and Arcana that provide power spikes during the early, mid, or late game, depending on your desired playstyle and role in the team.

By carefully considering these factors when crafting your Arthur build, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the battlefield and lead your team to victory.

Arthur’s Balanced Build

boots of resistance
axe of torment
Forstscar's Embrace
Longnight Guardian
cuirass of savagery
eagle eye

Arthur’s Tank Build

Giant Grip
boots of resistance
blazing cape
Longnight Guardian
ominous premonition
eagle eye

Ideal Hero Synergies and Counter-picks

When drafting Arthur, it’s essential to consider both allies and potential enemies. Here are some notable synergies and counter-picks:


  • Mages with strong crowd control: Arthur’s initiation capabilities can set up powerful combos with mages such as Diaochan or Angela, who can follow up with their crowd control and burst damage.
  • Marksmen with mobility: Arthur’s ability to peel for his carries and disrupt the enemy’s backline benefits mobile marksmen such as Marco Polo or Garo, who can deal damage safely from the backline.
  • Supports with healing or shields: Supports like Ata or Beast, who provide additional healing or shields, can further enhance Arthur’s survivability and allow him to stay in the fight longer.


  1. True damage dealers: Heroes with true damage, like Marco Polo, Kai, Lu BU, Li Xin and Seafarer, can bypass Arthur’s tankiness and deal significant damage to him.
  2. Kiting heroes: Ranged heroes with mobility, such as Garo, Marco Polo, can kite Arthur, making it difficult for him to engage effectively.
  3. Per cent, health-based damage dealers: Heroes like Mulan, Ying, Lam, who deal damage based on a percentage of the target’s maximum health, can quickly shred through Arthur’s health pool.

Arthur Gameplay Strategies

Early Game:

  • Clear minion waves and maintain lane pressure
  • Use abilities to harass enemies and zone them away from the farm
  • Keep an eye on the map for ganking opportunities and rotate to help teammates
  • Secure neutral objectives like the Spirit Sentinel

Mid Game:

  • Participate in team fights and secure objectives like the Dark Slayer
  • Use crowd control and tankiness to initiate fights and peel for carries
  • Punish enemies who are out of position

Late Game:

  • Be a frontline tank and absorb damage for teammates
  • Disrupt the enemy’s backline
  • Coordinate with the team to secure objectives and push for the win

In-game Strategy and Tips for Arthur

To excel as Arthur, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Initiate fights: Utilize Arthur’s tankiness and crowd control abilities to engage enemies and create opportunities for your team.
  2. Peel for your carries: Protect your carries by disrupting and slowing enemy assassins and bruisers who attempt to dive your backline.
  3. Apply Royal Seal stacks: Keep an eye on your passive stacks, and apply the Royal Seal debuff to as many enemies as possible to maximize your crowd control and damage output.
  4. Smart use of King’s Command: Use your ultimate wisely, activating it when you’re about to take significant damage or need the empowered basic attack to finish off a target.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I maximize my crowd control as Arthur?

A: Chain your abilities effectively, such as using Valiant Charge to engage and following up with Might of Excalibur to stun enemies and further disrupt their movements and Deal Damage

Q: Is Arthur suitable for a solo queue?

A: Yes, Arthur can be an effective pick in solo queue, as his tankiness, crowd control, and damage output allow him to have a significant impact on the game, even when not perfectly coordinated with his teammates.

Q: What is the optimal lane for Arthur?

A: Arthur is best suited for the Clash lane, where he can utilize his tankiness and crowd control to hold his ground and set up ganks for his team. However, depending on the team’s needs, he can also be played as roaming support or in the jungle.

Q: How do I deal with ranged heroes who kite Arthur?

A: When facing ranged heroes who can kite, try to engage with Valiant Charge or use flanking routes to surprise them.

Q: Should I focus on damage or tankiness when building Arthur?

A: A balanced build focusing on tankiness and damage is ideal for Arthur. It allows him to absorb damage and initiate fights while still being a threat to the enemy team. Adjust your build according to the enemy team’s composition and your team’s needs.

Arthur is a versatile and powerful warrior/fighters in Honor of Kings, capable of initiating fights, controlling the battlefield, and protecting his teammates. You can dominate the battlefield by understanding his abilities, selecting the right items, and applying effective strategies.

Remember to adapt your playstyle and build to the game’s specific circumstances, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an Arthur master.

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