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Honor of Kings Yaria: Builds, Synergy, Counters (Pro Guides)

Yaria, a versatile hero with strong crowd control, protection, and mobility skills. In this comprehensive guide, We will provide you proper pro build guide, skills and abilities, Synergies and Counters Hero.

HOK Yaria

Yaria Hero Image

Discover gameplay strategies for Yaria, a versatile hero with strong crowd control, protection, and mobility skills. Learn how to maximize Yao’s potential in early, mid, and late game phases, effectively utilizing possession, deer spirit states, and crowd control abilities to secure objectives and lead your team to victory.

Yaria Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Buff Support


Team Buff’s



Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position

Front Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

Low Requirements

Yaria Skillset and Abilities

Deer Spirit (Passive): Yaria is protected by a deer spirit, which immediately dispels crowd control effects such as stuns, knockbacks, and knock-ups and transforms into a deer spirit for 4 seconds (excluding suppression effects) with a maximum trigger of once every 60 seconds. During the deer spirit state, skill cooldowns are refreshed, and Yaria becomes untargetable but also loses the ability to attack. The peaceful light of the deer spirit continuously shines on enemies, slowing them by 30%.

Cooldown: 60s Cost: 0
Tips: Use the passive’s life-saving feature to actively take on some of the front-line roles.

Wandering Beam (Skill 01): If There Be Humans Yao raises a staff to repel nearby enemies, sending an energy wave forward, dealing 250/290/330/370/410/450 (+30% magic power) magic damage. Before reaching the endpoint, it detects heroes within range and transforms into a second energy ball, which tracks and deals 250/290/330/370/410/450 (+30% magic power) magic damage, causing a 0.5-second stun and a 5-second reveal effect. Possession state: Increases detection range by 20%. Deer spirit state: Ends the deer spirit state early and enters combat, resetting all skill cooldowns upon use.

Cooldown: 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8s
Cost: 50 Tips: While possessing a teammate, the energy wave’s detection distance is increased.

Accelerating Blitz (Skill 02): Yaria automatically attacks random nearby enemies for 5 seconds, up to 3 targets, dealing 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+30% magic power) magic damage with each attack. During the skill’s activation, Yaria cannot use basic attacks. Possession state: Increases attack distance by 20%. Deer spirit state: White Deer – Leap a short distance.

Cooldown: 12s Cost: 50
Tips: Since basic attacks are disabled during activation, focus on positioning and dodging skills.

Verdant Protector (Ultimate): Yaria possesses another hero, granting the possessed target a true shield of 750/1125/1500 (+50% magic power)(+285)(10% max health), which can absorb all types of damage. The possession state enhances Yao’s skills and immediately reduces their cooldown by 30%. If the shield is broken, Yao is knocked down and enters cooldown; actively detaching from the possessed target refunds 50% of the cooldown.

Deer spirit Form – Quietly expands the slowing range.

Cooldown: 15s, Cost: 50
Tips: Actively detaching from the possessed target reduces a significant portion of the ultimate cooldown, so Yao’s priority is to avoid taking excessive damage and being forcibly detached from the possession effect.

HOK Yaria Pro Builds

Extreme Shadow Item
Boots of Tranquility item
frozen breath item
Ominous-Premonition Item
succubus cloak item
Overlord's-Platemail Item
fate arcana
harmony arcana
vacuity arcana
Heal Common Skills


  • Extreme Shadow
  • Boots of Tranquility
  • Frozen Breath
  • Ominous Premonition
  • Succubus Cloak
  • Overlord’s Platemail


  • Fate 10x
  • Harmony 10x
  • Vacuity 10x

Common Skills

  • Heal

HOK Yaria Best Synergy

  • Continuous damage dealers like marksmen (Solarus, Luban No 7, Garo) can fully output damage without worrying about ambushes when Yaria is possessing them.
  • Yaria has a stable control ability; when paired with high-mobility Junglers (Nakoruru, Lam, Han Xin, Monkey King), it can often create advantageous outnumbered situations.

HOK Yaria Counters

Utilize soft crowd control to limit Yao; when unable to transform into a deer spirit, Yao is still easy to kill.

  • Smith and Blade high burst damage can often directly result in kills or break the shield Yaria grants to teammates, making it difficult for Yaria to frequently possess teammates and absorb damage.
  • Garo’s frequent critical strikes and crowd control make it difficult for Yaria’s crowd control removal to trigger, reducing the value of Yaria’s possession effect.

Yaria Team Fight Strategy

When the passive is ready, Yao can actively move forward to draw attention and quickly switch between the three states to act as the team’s facilitator.

Use crowd control skills to actively harass the enemy. When facing focused fire, use the ultimate to avoid damage. Be mindful of your positioning and make effective use of your possession state to enhance the abilities of your teammates.

Look for opportunities to switch between possession and deer spirit states to confuse your enemies and maintain your team’s advantage. Coordinate with your team to maximize the benefits of your ultimate ability, shielding the most vulnerable or crucial members at the right time.

How to Play Yaria (Gameplay Strategies)

As a pro gamer, developing gameplay strategies for early, mid, and late game is essential to maximize the potential of Yaria and lead your team to victory.

Early Game:

  1. Focus on farming and acquiring experience in the lane. Since Yaria has strong crowd control skills, use them to poke and harass enemy heroes, making it difficult for them to farm.
  2. Be aware of your passive ability and use it to bait the enemy into thinking they can secure a kill, only for you to transform into a deer spirit and escape.
  3. Look for gank opportunities with your jungler or roaming teammates. Use your crowd control and possession abilities to create outnumbered situations and secure kills or objectives.

Mid Game:

  1. Start roaming and help your teammates with objectives such as Dragon, Buffs.
  2. Prioritize possessing the most suitable ally in each situation, whether it’s to help them escape, increase their damage output, or save them from lethal damage.
  3. Coordinate with your team to set up ambushes, using your crowd control and possession abilities to catch enemies off guard and secure kills with your team Fight.

Late Game:

  1. Prioritize protecting your team’s main damage dealers during team fights. Use your possession ability to shield them from damage and enhance their capabilities.
  2. Pay attention to your positioning in team fights, switching between the possession and deer spirit states to maximize your impact and make it difficult for the enemy to focus on you.
  3. Look for opportunities to use your crowd control skills to catch out-of-position enemies, providing your team with an advantage in team fights.
  4. In the late game, objectives become crucial. Coordinate with your team to secure objectives such as the Tempest dragon, or turrets.

In summary, A pro gamer’s strategy with Yao revolves around utilizing the hero’s crowd control, protection, and mobility skills throughout the game.

By focusing on farming and experience in the early game, helping teammates and securing objectives in the mid game, and protecting damage dealers and controlling team fights in the late game, Yaria can significantly contribute to the team’s success.

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