HOK Private Ear Pro Build Guide

Honor of Kings Private Ear/Fang: Builds, Synergies, Counters (Pro Guides)

The Private Ear, also known as Fang, versatile marksman with strong sustained damage and zoning capabilities. His skill set includes a passive that helps him detect enemies and deal extra damage to jungle monsters. In this guide, we will provide you her skill set, Optimal Build Guide, Battle and Gameplay Tips, Synergy and Counter Hero.

HOK Private Ear (Fang)


Private Ear, Fang is a nimble, sustained damage marksman with a diverse skill set, excelling in zoning, crowd control, and continuous damage output. Mastering his unique abilities and strategic positioning is key to optimizing his performance in team fights and securing victories on the battlefield.

Private Ear Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Artillery Marksman




Early Game

Recommended Lane

Farm Lane

Team Fight Position

Back Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

High Requirements

HOK Private Ear Skills and Abilities

Going Undercover (Passive): Private Ear adorable big ears help him periodically listen to the surroundings, detecting and capturing the movements of enemy heroes, providing vision of the enemy for 1 second, and affecting the same unit once every 6 seconds. At the same time, Private Ear can identify the weaknesses of jungle monsters, dealing an additional 10% true damage with all attacks.

Cooldown: 0S Cost: 0
Tips: Due to his passive, Fang can quickly clear minion waves and jungle monsters. The advantage of his attack range ensures a certain level of safety.

Target Sighted (Skill 01): Fang uses Dark Mark to target an enemy, lasting up to 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, it explodes, dealing 80/110/140/170/200/230(+65% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies within range. Private Ear basic attacks on the target will stack Dark Marks, up to 4 layers, each layer dealing an additional 80/110/140/170/200/230(+65% physical scaling) physical damage. Stacking 4 layers will instantly trigger the explosion; when using skills, Fang gains 40% attack speed and 75 attack range for 4 seconds.

Cooldown: 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8S Cost: 60
Tips: Once the Dark Mark is attached, the delayed explosion threat makes the enemy very nervous. In team fights, the explosion range of the Dark Mark can easily damage nearby enemies, causing decent AoE damage.

Wheel Away (Skill 02): Fang sends a flying wheel in a specified direction, and simultaneously uses ghostly movement to appear at the endpoint to catch the flying wheel. Private Ear cannot be targeted while moving, and the flying wheel deals 200/220/240/260/280/300 (+50% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies and slows them by 50% for 2 seconds. The ground it passes over leaves a burning trail for 2.9 seconds, dealing 80/88/96/104/112/120 (+20% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies on the path every 0.25 seconds and slowing them by 50%.

Cooldown: 12/11.2/10.4/9.6/8.8/8S Cost: 80
Tips: When attacking, the flying wheel’s collision with enemies causes a slow, making it difficult for them to escape once the Dark Mark is attached. When facing a gank, the flying wheel can be used as an escape tool, and the burning trail left behind makes it difficult for enemies to catch up.

Bladestorm (Ultimate): Private Ear throws a flying wheel to a specified location, creating a swirling Blade Storm. The blades deal 215/275/335 (+75% physical scaling) physical damage on impact, and last for 5.4 seconds, dealing 75/93/111 (+35% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies within range every 0.5 seconds and slowing them by 50%. The inner circle takes double blade damage; blade damage can also stack Dark Mark layers.

Cooldown: 36/30/24S, Cost: 130
Tips: In addition to being a continuous AoE damage ability, this skill is also a strategic zoning tool. You can use it as your damage fortress, moving and outputting damage within the Blade Storm area while enemies entering this area will be stuck in a quagmire. Skillfully utilizing this skill is key to mastering Fang.

HOK Private Ear Pro Builds

Boots of Dexterity Item
Axe of Torment Item
Blood weeper Item
Eternity Blade Item
Daybreaker item
shadow ripper item
cataclysm arcana
Mutation arcana
harmony arcana
eagle eye arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Boots of Dexterity
  • Axe of Torment
  • Blood Weeper
  • Eternity Blade
  • Day Breaker
  • Shadow Ripper


  • Cataclysm 2x
  • Mutation 8x
  • harmony 10x
  • Eagle’s Eye 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

HOK Private Ear Synergy

Bai Qi: As the only hero with a taunt ability in the current version, Bai Qi has strong crowd control and tanking capabilities. Fang’s first skill has an AoE explosion effect, which can deal high damage when enemy heroes are clustered together. Fang’s ultimate also has strong AoE damage. If Bai Qi uses his second skill and ultimate together to taunt and control multiple enemy heroes, Li Private Ear can easily deal explosive damage with his first skill followed by his ultimate.

Peacemaker (Mozi): In the late game, fang’s damage output and attack range are relatively weaker compared to other marksmen. Mozi, who has high damage and long-range poke control abilities, can complement Fang’s weaknesses. Mozi’s ultimate can also control multiple enemies at once, allowing Fang to deal explosive damage.

HOK Private Ear Counter

Be mindful of calculating Dark Mark’s damage; After Li Fang’s mobility skill is used, look for opportunities to limit his damage output.

Prince of Lanling: His stealth and burst damage capabilities can easily approach and eliminate Li Yuanfang.

Hua Mulan: Her extremely high burst damage output can quickly eliminate an improperly positioned Private Ear.

Team Fight Strategy

Fang is a nimble, sustained damage marksman. On the battlefield, he needs to continuously seek opportunities to deal high team damage.

With a variety of skill features, similar to a spy having multiple concealed weapons, Private Ear can easily adapt to different situations. The delayed explosion of his first skill makes it difficult for squishy enemies to engage directly.

His second skill can be used both offensively and defensively. His ultimate can continuously slow enemies within a large area, forcing them to pay a hefty price to pass through. Remember, Private Ear is not a burst damage marksman. His damage output relies on creating opportunities using his skill set.

How to Play Fang (Private Ear Gameplay Strategies)

As a pro gamer, here’s a suggested gameplay strategy for Private Ear during early, mid, and late game:

Early Game:

  1. Focus on farming and clearing minion waves quickly using your passive ability for extra damage on jungle monsters.
  2. Poke and harass your enemies in the lane with your first skill (Target Sighted) to create pressure and potentially force them to retreat or recall.
  3. Use your second skill (Wheel Away) to dodge enemy skill shots and engage or disengage fights effectively.
  4. Coordinate with your support or Jungler for Ganks, capitalizing on your crowd control and damage from your second skill and Frist Skill.

Mid Game:

  1. Continue to farm and take objectives (towers, dragons, etc.) while maintaining map awareness and participating in team fights.
  2. Focus on positioning yourself safely during skirmishes and team fights, using your skills to deal consistent damage and control the enemy’s movements.
  3. Use your ultimate (Blade Storm) strategically to zone enemies and secure objectives or to disrupt the enemy’s formation in team fights.
  4. Rotate with your team to secure map control, applying pressure to the enemy by pushing lanes and contesting objectives.

Late Game:

  1. Prioritize positioning and survival, as you will be a primary damage dealer for your team. Stay behind your frontline and avoid getting caught by enemy crowd control or assassins.
  2. Continuously deal damage using your skillset combos, while keeping track of your stacks and timing your explosions for maximum AoE damage.
  3. Work closely with your teammates, especially those with strong crowd control and peel, to ensure you can deal damage safely and effectively.
  4. Focus on taking major objectives like Tempest Dragon and Buffs, using your zoning abilities to control enemy movement and secure the objectives for your team.

By following this strategy, you can optimize Private Ear performance throughout the game, enhancing your chances of victory.

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