DAJI pro build guide

Honor of Kings Daji: Build, Synergy, Counter (Pro Guides)

Da Ji, also known as the Fox Spirit, is a powerful mage in Honor of Kings. In this comprehensive guide, we will provided you the most effective Da Ji build, Synergy, Counter strategies, and Battle Tups to help you dominate your enemies and rise through the ranks.

HOK Daji (Mage)

daji hero image

When lamng. make use of Skill 1 to poke the enemy Once you’ve lowered their HP, hide in the brush and wait for your skills to cool down, then unleash a barrage of skills to insta-kill them.

Daji Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Artillery Mage




Late Game

Recommended Lane

Mid Lane

Team Fight Position

Back Row

Azure Golem

High Requirements

Understanding Daji Abilities and Skills

Daji passive Skill

Bleeding Heart

Daji First Skill

Soul Impact
(Skill 01)

Daji Second SKill

Strike a pose
(Skill 02)

Daji Ultimate


Bleeding Heart (Passive): When Daji’s skill hits an enemy, it reduces the target’s magic defense by 30 to 72 points for 3 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: Daji can deal high magic damage with her abilities.

Soul Impact (Skill 01): Daji swings a soul shockwave in the targeted direction, dealing 570 (+120% magic attack) magic damage to hit enemies.

Cooldown: 5/4.8/4.6/4.4/4.2/4s Cost: 60
Tips: Daji’s primary damage and poke ability has a long range and strong poke potential. However, the skill has a slow cast time and some delay.

Strike a Pose (Skill 02): Daji locks onto an enemy and throws a charming heart, dealing 285/320/355/390/425/460 (+66% magic bonus) magic damage to hit enemies and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7s
Cost: 90 Tips: Daji’s crowd control skill has a small cast range, so make sure the enemy is within range before using the skill to control them.

Heartbreaker (Ultimate): Daji releases 5 foxfires that automatically attack nearby enemies, each dealing 325/405/485 (+75% magic bonus) magic damage. When multiple foxfires hit the same target, damage is reduced by 50% starting from the second foxfire.

Cooldown: 18/15/12s Cost: 80
Tips: Use in combination with the control skill to instantly deal significant damage to the enemy. With enough magic damage in the late game, you can instantly kill enemies.

Ideal Skill Order for DAJI

To maximize Daji’s potential, prioritize upgrades his skills in the following order:

  1. Ultimate: Heartbreaker
  2. Second Skill: Strike a Post
  3. First Skill: Soul Impact

DAJI Pro Build

Boots of Deftness item
Scepter of Reverberation Item
Savant's Wrath item
Tome of Wisdom item
void staff item
Insatiable Tome item
Saint Arcana
hunter arcana
avarice arcana
tribute arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Boots of Deftness
  • Scepter of Reverberation
  • Savant’s Wrath
  • Tome of Wisdom
  • Void staff
  • Insatiable Tome


  • Saint 10x
  • Harmony 7x
  • Avarice 3x
  • Tribute 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash
boots of the arcane item
Scepter of Reverberation Item
Savant's Wrath item
Mask of Agony item
void staff item
Tome of Wisdom item
Saint Arcana
hunter arcana
avarice arcana
tribute arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Boots of Deftness
  • Scepter of Reverberation
  • Savant’s Wrath
  • Mask of Agony
  • Void staff
  • Tome of Wisdom


  • Saint 10x
  • Harmony 7x
  • Avarice 3x
  • Tribute 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

Best Team Synergy for Daji

Monkey King Hero Icon

Monkey King (Sun Wukong)

Sun Wukong is a high burst hero and, combined with Daji’s double control burst, Daji initiates with her crowd control, followed by skills 2-3-1, and Sun Wukong follows up with his first skill and auto-attacks. Even tanks will have difficulty surviving, and roaming gank efficiency is high.

A Ke Hero Icon

A Ke

A Ke has strong ambush and flanking abilities, and Daji’s burst damage from ambushes is strong. Together, they can instantly kill enemies with coordinated ambushes and ganks.

Countering Daji

Prince of Lanling Hero Image

Prince of Lanling

Lanling’s stealth and burst capabilities allow him to easily approach Daji and kill her.

Hua Mulan Hero image


Hua Mulan’s extremely high burst damage can quickly kill Daji if she is caught out of position.

General Tips to Counter Daji

  1. Be cautious with positioning and dodge Daji’s poke abilities.
  2. In the late game, squishy heroes should avoid getting close to Daji when she has her full skill set, as they can be easily killed.

Team Fight Strategy and Battle Tips for Daji

  1. In battle, use skill 1 to poke enemies, and when skill 2 hits, use skills 1 and 3 to ensure skill accuracy and sufficient damage output.
  2. Assassins should wait for Daji to use her crowd control skill before approaching her for the kill.

During team fights, stay on the flanks and use skill 1 for damage and poke. If an enemy assassin dives in, use skill 2 to control them and ensure your own survival.

Da Ji in Honor of Kings requires practice, precision, and a deep understanding of her abilities and combos. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield and outsmarting your opponents. Remember to focus on maximizing magic damage, cooldown reduction, and survivability with your item build, Arcana, and Common Skill.

Additionally, work on perfecting your skill combos and maintaining map awareness to make the most of Da Ji’s deceptive and deadly kit. As you continue to improve your gameplay, you’ll find yourself climbing the ranks and becoming a feared Da Ji player in no time.

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