Juniper Pro Build Guide

Honor of Kings Juniper/Censort Yu: Builds, Synergy, Counters (Pro Guides)

Juniper, also known as Censort Yu, is a powerful marksman with strong survivability and high burst damage. Discover Yu Ji’s abilities, strategies, and synergies in this comprehensive guide.

Learn how to maximize her potential as a marksman in team fights and dominate your opponents with her powerful skill set. Unleash explosive damage and stay ahead with our tips and tricks for playing Yu Ji effectively.

HOK Juniper (Censort Yu)

juniper hero image

Her skill set includes a passive that deals additional damage and slows enemies, oak bolt for poking and dealing damage from a distance, a movement speed buff and physical attack evasion, and a dash skill for mobility and crowd control.

To maximize her potential, focus on poking enemies with her oak bolt and saving her mobility skills for surviving enemy dives or securing kills. In team fights, Yu Ji should use her abilities to poke and wear down opponents while saving her second skill to ensure survival against assassins.

Juniper Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Combo Marksman


Dash/Ranged Harass



Recommended Lane

Farm Lane

Team Fight Position

Back Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

High Requirements

HOK Juniper Skills Set and Abilities

Blessing of the Dryads (Passive): Juniper has a 25% chance to shoot two arrows, dealing a total of 100 (+120% physical bonus) physical damage. This also reduces the target’s movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: This skill is a powerful soft control for marksmen. It’s great for retreating or catching enemies when encountering enemy assassins in the jungle or during lane ganks. Yu can deal explosive damage with her skill set while the enemy is immobilized.

Oak Bolt (Skill 01): Yu charges and fires a powerful crossbow bolt in the targeted direction, dealing 365/540/715/890/1065/1240 (+200% physical bonus) physical damage to the first enemy hit. The bolt’s damage decreases by 15% for each enemy hit, down to a minimum of 40% damage.

Cooldown: 5s Cost: 50
Tips: Yu can use this skill to poke enemies from a distance in both laning phase and team fights. The skill deals physical damage as it passes through enemy units, so poking multiple enemies before a team fight can increase the chances of victory. Be aware that this skill takes a short time to charge, so accurate predictions of enemy movements are essential!

Protecting Winds (Skill 02): Yu gains 30/36/42/48/54/60% movement speed for 2 seconds and evades physical attacks during this time. She becomes immune to crowd control at the start of the skill and removes slow effects while also triggering Tree Spirit Protection on her next basic attack within 5 seconds. Passive: Yu gains 20% attack speed from the Tree Spirit Protection.

Cooldown: 12/11.6/11.2/10.8/10.4/10s Cost: 80
Tips: In team fights, Yu should save this skill for when enemy physical assassins dive her. She can use the skill to kite and deal massive damage. When safe, the movement speed bonus also helps chase down enemies and secure kills. Keep in mind that this skill doesn’t remove crowd control effects or magic damage.

Vaulting Shot (Ultimate): Yu dashes towards the target, stunning them for 0.5 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds. She then leaps backward, quickly shooting 2 crossbow bolts at the target, each dealing 180/225/270 (+85% physical bonus) physical damage. After the leap, Yu Ji gains a 30/40/50% attack speed buff for 4 seconds. She is immune to crowd control during the leap.

Cooldown: 20/17/14s Cost: 100
Tips: This skill can be used as a mobility tool. With Yu’s second skill, she has an additional mobility skill and can deal high damage, showcasing her strong survivability. The high physical damage also serves as a beautiful finishing touch for kills.

HOK Juniper Pro Builds

Eternity Blade Item
boots of resistance item
shadow ripper item
Daybreaker item
Blood weeper Item
Sunchaser item
cataclysm arcana
reaver arcana
hunter arcana
eagle eye arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Eternity Blade
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Shadow Ripper
  • Day Breaker
  • Blood Weeper
  • Sun Chaser


  • Cataclysm 10x
  • Reaver 5x
  • Hunter 5x
  • Eagle’s Eye 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

Juniper Best Partners (Synergies)

  1. Eclipse (Dong Huang Taiyi): Yu is vulnerable to mage assassins, and Dong Huang Taiyi is a perfect hero to protect her. His ultimate ensures any mage trying to dive Yu will be controlled, allowing her to burst down the squishy mages and deal damage freely in team fights.
  2. Da Ji: Both are high burst heroes, capable of instantly killing squishy assassins with their combined skills. Their targeted crowd control skills make them a deadly duo, especially in the late game.

Juniper Counters

  • Dodge Yu Ji’s first skill by sidestepping.
  • If you see Yu Ji coming to gank, retreat to your tower to ensure safety.
  • If you’re a physical assassin, wait for Yu Ji to use her second skill and engage after the skill’s effect has ended to secure the kill.
  1. Mage assassins like Luna can easily kill Yu Ji.
  2. Diao Chan’s high magic damage and diving abilities are hard for Yu Ji to handle.

Juniper Team Fight Strategy

During fights, use the first skill to poke and wear down opponents’ health. When facing enemy physical assassins, use the second skill to avoid damage and output damage. The third skill has high physical damage, which can be used for mobility, crowd control, and finishing off enemies.

Before a team fight, Yu can use her first skill from a distance to poke the enemy. Avoid using the second skill to chase enemies prematurely, as it should be saved to ensure survival when assassins dive her. Finally, enter the clean-up phase to secure kills.

Juniper Gameplay Strategy

As a pro gamer, to dominate with Censort Yu, follow this gameplay strategy for early, mid, and late game:

Early game:

  1. Focus on last-hitting minions to maximize gold income and experience.
  2. Use the Oak Bolt (1st skill) to poke and harass enemy laners, while conserving mana for potential engagements.
  3. Pay attention to the minimap for possible gank opportunities or enemy jungle invasions. River and jungle entrances for vision.
  4. When ganking or engaged in a skirmish, utilize Vaulting Shot (Ultimate) to initiate and crowd control enemies, then follow up with basic attacks and Oak Bolt for maximum damage.

Mid game:

  1. Continue to farm minions and jungle monsters to maintain gold and experience advantage.
  2. Participate in team fights and skirmishes, making use of the Oak Bolt to poke and wear down opponents before engaging.
  3. Save Protecting Winds (2nd skill) only for evading enemy assassins or diving high-priority targets. Use it strategically to reposition yourself in fights, avoid damage, and maximize your damage output.
  4. Look for picks with your team and secure objectives like towers and neutral monsters.

Late game:

  1. Prioritize staying alive and dealing damage in team fights. Position yourself safely, maintaining distance from enemy assassins and front-liners.
  2. Use the Oak Bolt to poke enemies from a distance before full engagements, whittling down their health.
  3. Save Protecting Winds for survivability when assassins dive you or to chase down low-health enemies.
  4. Coordinate with your team to focus on high-priority targets and make use of synergies with heroes like Dong Huang Taiyi and Da Ji for increased effectiveness.
  5. Secure objectives such as towers, tempest dragon monsters to gain advantages and close out the game.

By following this strategy, you’ll maximize your potential as a Juniper player and secure kills throughout the game, leading your team to victory.

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