Mischief Pro Build Guide

Honor of kings Mischief: Pro Builds, Synergies, Counters Guide

HOK Mischief (Liu Shan)

mischief hero image

Liu Shan is a versatile hero with strong crowd control abilities, excelling in initiating team fights, pushing structures, and protecting allies. His role in the team is to initiate fights, control key enemy targets, and protect allied damage dealers. With his combination of abilities, he can easily disrupt enemy formations and create opportunities for his teammates to secure kills.

Mischief Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Tactical Support


Pushing/Crowd Control


Early Game

Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position

Front Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

No Requirements

Mischief Skills and Abilities

Magnetic Barrier (Passive): Mischief can deal equal damage to structures with his abilities, and his crowd control effects can interfere with structures for 1.2 seconds. When Liu Shan’s abilities deal damage to structures, he will plunder parts to heal himself for 280/308/336/364/392 HP, with healing effects scaling with hero level.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: The passive allows Liu Shan to quickly destroy enemy turrets and crystals.

Overcharge (Skill 01): Liu Shan immediately resets his basic attack and activates a shield to charge forward, absorbing 600/840/1080/1320/1560/1800 damage while increasing his movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds. His next basic attack is enhanced, dealing 350/400/450/500/550/600 (+122% physical scaling) physical damage and knocking up enemies for 1 second.

Cooldown: 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7s Cost: 50
Tips: Liu Shan usually initiates team fights with his first ability, activating the shield to charge and knock up enemies, helping his teammates to secure kills. This ability can also be used to escape when facing enemy ganks or pursuits.

Robo Smash (Skill 02): Liu Shan controls a mechanical panda to extend its magic claw in a targeted direction, dealing 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+100% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies within range and stunning them for 1 second.

Cooldown: 8s Cost: 55
Tips: The second ability controls enemies within a targeted direction, creating an opportunity for teammates to deal damage.

Take it for a Spin (Ultimate): Liu Shan controls a mechanical panda to spread its arms and continuously spin, dealing 240/320/400 (+75% physical scaling) physical damage to enemies every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds. During the spin, basic attacks deal 100/150/200 physical damage and apply a 50% slow effect for 0.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 40/35/30s Cost: 100
Tips: The ultimate ability is an AOE with a large range; its damage is not high, but it has strong deterrence.

HOK Mischief Pro Builds

Guardian's Glory Item
boots of resistance item
Glacial Buckler item
Ominous-Premonition Item
Longnight Guardian Item
Overlord's-Platemail Item
fate arcana
harmony arcana
vacuity arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Guardian’s Glory
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Glacial Buckler
  • Ominous Premonition
  • Longnight Guardian
  • Overlord’s Platemail


  • Fate 10x
  • Harmony 10x
  • Vacuity 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

Mischief Best Partners

Huang Zhong: These two heroes excel in fast push strategies. Liu Shan’s passive and first and second abilities, along with his ultimate’s high damage to turrets, combined with Huang Zhong’s turret-focused abilities, can quickly destroy enemy structures. Liu Shan’s long crowd control abilities can also protect Huang Zhong well, increasing the damage enemies take within Huang Zhong’s ultimate.

Gao Jianli: Liu Shan and Gao Jianli have excellent synergy. Liu Shan’s multiple crowd control abilities can initiate team fights, disrupt enemy structures, and protect Gao Jianli, who can deal massive burst damage with his ultimate, making them a powerful combination for initiating fights and diving enemy turrets.

Combos: Use the first ability to catch enemies, followed by the second ability to control them, allowing teammates to secure kills.

Mischief Counters

  1. Liu Shan struggles when isolated, so he can be easily beaten by burst assassins.
  2. The agile Diao Chan’s true damage makes it difficult for Liu Shan to control her.

Tips for playing against Liu Shan:

  1. Without his abilities, Liu Shan is useless in team fights, so avoid wasting abilities on him.
  2. Liu Shan has strong escape potential, so don’t commit all your abilities to chase him or you might get counter-killed.

Mischief Team Fight Strategy

During team fights, Mischief should initiate with his first ability to absorb damage and control the enemy’s main damage dealers. Activating his ultimate in the middle of the enemy team will deal damage to multiple enemies.

As Mischief has two crowd control abilities, he can also protect allied damage dealers from enemy assassins. When an enemy assassin engages, knock them up and control them while cooperating with teammates to secure the kill.

How to Play Mischief (Gameplay Strategy)

As a pro gamer, leveraging Liu Shan’s unique abilities and playstyle is crucial for securing victories. Here are some gameplay strategies for early, mid, and late game phases:

Early Game:

  1. Focus on farming and securing experience in your lane. This will allow you to scale and unlock your crowd control abilities as quickly as possible.
  2. Use Liu Shan’s first ability, Overcharge, to poke and trade with your opponents effectively, while mitigating incoming damage.
  3. Coordinate with your jungler for potential ganks, using your crowd control abilities to lock down enemies and secure kills.
  4. Keep an eye on the map and be ready to assist your teammates when needed. Your crowd control skills can turn the tide of skirmishes in your favor.

Mid Game:

  1. Start looking for opportunities to group with your team and take objectives, such as turrets and neutral monsters. Your passive, Magnetic Barrier, will help you deal significant damage to structures.
  2. Initiate team fights with your first ability, Overcharge, followed by your second ability, Robo Smash, to control enemies and set up kills for your team.
  3. Keep your carries safe by peeling for them with your crowd control abilities, and provide vision around key objectives to prepare for potential fights.
  4. Split push when necessary, as Mischief’s passive and ultimate ability, Take it for a Spin, can quickly take down structures.

Late Game:

  1. Prioritize sticking with your team and looking for favorable engagements. Your crowd control abilities are crucial in late-game team fights.
  2. Focus on controlling the enemy’s primary damage dealers in team fights, using your first and second abilities to lock them down and help your team secure kills.
  3. Activate your ultimate, Take it for a Spin, in the middle of the enemy team to deal AOE damage and apply pressure on their backline.
  4. Maintain vision control around key objectives, such as Shadow Overlord and Tempest Dragon and be prepared to contest or secure them with your team.

By following these gameplay strategies and utilizing Mischief’s full potential throughout the early, mid, and late game, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield and achieving victory.

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