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Honor of Kings: Prince of Lanling Pro Builds (Best Items & Arcana Guide)

Welcome to the ultimate Honor of Kings Price of Lanling Build Guide. From understanding his abilities and role to discovering the best build for success, you will find all the information you need to become a pro Lanling Player.

HOK Prince of Lanling

prince of lanling hero image

Prince of Lanling can circle behind the enemy in team fights to focus on squishy heroes like marksman. Try of finish off enemies rather than rush into battle. After making a kill, use stealth and withdraw to look for another opportunity.

Prince of Lanling Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Burst Assassin




Early Game

Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position


Azure/Crimson Golem

Low Requirements

Prince of Lanling Skills and Abilities

Prince of Lanling Passive Skill

Secret Skill- Rush (Passive)

Prince of Lanling First Skill

Secret Skill- Split (Skill 01)

Price of Lanling Second Skill

Secret Skill- Sling (Skill 02)

Prince of Lanling Third Skill

Secret Skill- Strike (Skill 03)

Prince of Lanling Fourth Skill

Secret Skill- Shadow (Skill 04)

Secret Skill- Rush (Passive): When enemy heroes move in the vicinity of the Prince of Lanling, their movement speed increases by 20%.

Cooldown: 0s, Mana Cost: 0
Tips: This passive skill allows the Lanling to stick to enemies more easily without relying on displacement skills, which means he won’t interrupt his normal attack rhythm. As a result, the Lanling can maintain a high frequency of normal attacks while chasing enemies.

Secret Skill- Split (Skill 01): The Lanling King slashes nearby enemies with his fist-blade, dealing 220/265/310/355/400/445 (+90% physical bonus) physical damage and summoning a shadow clone to randomly attack a nearby enemy, dealing equal damage.

Cooldown: 5s, Mana Cost: 50
Tips: This is the Lanling’s primary source of damage, especially effective against isolated enemies. During team fights, the Prince of Lanling can adjust his positioning to avoid the center of the skirmish, focusing on targets within a relatively independent range for maximum damage output.

Secret Skill- Sling (Skill 02): The Lanling throws a shadow dagger in a target direction, dealing 165/186/207/228/249/270 (+57% physical bonus) physical damage to enemies in its path and reducing their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds, with the effect decaying over time. Enemies hit by the dagger will be marked for 3 seconds. If they are attacked by the Lanling again during this time, they will be stunned for 1 second and recover 140/168/196/224/252/280 (+60% physical bonus) health points. When the mark disappears, the target will also take 24% of their missing health as physical damage. The dagger stops and is destroyed upon hitting an enemy hero.

Cooldown: 9.6/8.8/8/7.2/6.4/5.6s, Mana Cost: 60
Tips: The two-stage damage of the dagger is based on the enemy’s missing health, so dealing damage to the enemy during this time can significantly increase the total damage.

Secret Skill- Strike (Ultimate): Charge in the target direction, dealing 660/830/1000 (+188% physical bonus) physical damage to enemies in the path.

Cooldown: 24/22/20s, Mana Cost: 100
Tips: The Lanling King can use this skill to stealthily approach and eliminate targets with incredible burst damage.

Secret Skill- Shadow (Skill 04): The Lanling starts preparing and enters an invisible state after 1.5 seconds, lasting 30 seconds. He gains a 20% movement speed bonus after becoming invisible for 5 seconds. After the invisibility state ends, the Lanling gains a 50% attack speed bonus for 5 seconds. If he remains invisible near an enemy for more than 3 seconds, the invisibility state will automatically be canceled.

Cooldown: 24s, Mana Cost: 0
Tips: Use the invisibility state to get close to enemies or use as an escape mechanism.

Prince of Lanling Pro Build

Rapacious Bite Item
boots of resistance item
Axe of Torment Item
Spikemail Item
Destiny Item
Siege Breaker item
mutation arcana
hunter arcana
concealment arcana
eagle eye arcana
smite common skill


  • Rapacious Bite
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Axe of Torment
  • Spikemail
  • Destiny
  • Siege Breaker


  • Mutation 10x
  • Hunter 4x
  • Concealment 6x
  • Eagle Eye 10x

Common Skills

  • Smith

Prince of Lanling Alternative Build

giant's Grip items
Boots of Deftness item
Axe of Torment Item
Frostscar's Embrace Item
succubus cloak item
Siege Breaker item
mutation arcana
hunter arcana
concealment arcana
eagle eye arcana
smite common skill


  • Giant’s Grip
  • Boots of Deftness
  • Axe of Torment
  • Frostscar’s Embrace
  • Succubus Cloak
  • Siege Breaker


  • Mutation 10x
  • Hunter 4x
  • Concealment 6x
  • Eagle Eye 10x

Common Skills

  • Smith
giant's Grip items
boots of resistance item
Axe of Torment Item
Frostscar's Embrace Item
Siege Breaker item
Destiny Item
mutation arcana
hunter arcana
concealment arcana
eagle eye arcana
smite common skill


  • Giant’s Grip
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Axe of Torment
  • Frostscar’s Embrace
  • Siege Breaker
  • Destiny


  • Mutation 10x
  • Hunter 4x
  • Concealment 6x
  • Eagle Eye 10x

Common Skills

  • Smith

Maximizing Lanling’s Potential with Team Synergy

Lanling excels when paired with teammates who can provide crowd control, engage, or peel for him. Some examples of heroes that synergize well with Lanling are:

Miyamoto Musashi Hero Image

Miyamoto Musashi

The Prince of Lanling has strong solo combat abilities, allowing frequent roaming and ganking in the early game. Miyamoto Musashi has a targeted crowd control skill that can quickly lock down enemy heroes, increasing the success rate of Lanling’s combo assassination. Miyamoto Musashi is characterized by high damage, high burst, and short-term high damage output, which can quickly lower the target’s health, making Lanling’s second skill more effective.

Miyamoto Musashi Hero Image


When the Lanling roams and ganks, enemies often escape with low health using flash. Kongming’s ultimate skill can finish off low-health enemy heroes from a distance. His mobility makes him a great fit for cooperating with the Lanling in the middle and jungle areas. During team fights, the Lanling deals high single-target burst damage. Kongming’s passive skill and first skill can compensate for the Lanling shortcomings as an assassin, helping to poke enemy heroes and create opportunities for the Lanling to pick off targets or engage at the right moment.

Countering Prince of Lanling

Miyamoto Musashi Hero Image

Hegemon (Xiang Yu)

Hegemon can control the Lanling after he engages, pushing him away and limiting his damage output.

Miyamoto Musashi Hero Image

Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang’s hard crowd control can lock down the Pirce of Lanling and take him out.

General Tips to Counter Prince of Lanling

  • Have your team’s tanky heroes protect the core damage dealers, blocking the dagger attack and controlling the Lanling when he appears;
  • The Lanling deals more damage to isolated enemies, so don’t face him alone;
  • When hit by the Lanling King’s dagger, try to escape and avoid taking additional damage.

General Team Fight Strategy

The Lanling King excels at dealing burst damage with his skills. After unleashing his combo, he should retreat and avoid enemy retaliation. Use invisibility from the brush to avoid being detected by the enemy on the minimap and to prevent them from escaping.

Use invisibility to approach the enemy backline and initiate an attack when the enemy is unprotected.

First, ensure the second skill hits the target, then follow up with the first skill to stun and deal damage. Depending on the situation, use the second part of the third skill for further engagement or choose to retreat.

In team fights, instantly eliminating the enemy’s core damage dealer is the Lanling’s most significant contribution to the team.

Mastering the Prince of lanling in Honor of Kings requires understanding his abilities, utilizing effective skill combos, building the right builds, and adapting your gameplay strategy to different situations.

With the help of this comprehensive build and strategy guide, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield and leading your team to victory.

Remember to practice, adapt, and, most importantly have fun playing Prince of Lanling in Honor of Kings. Good luck, and may your victories be swift and your defeats rare!

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