Dreambuilder Pro Build Guide

Honor of Kings Dreambuilder: Builds, Synergies, Counters (Pro Guides)

HOK Dreambuilder (Zhuangzi)

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Dreambuilder is a valuable addition to any team lineup. His unique skill set allows him to excel in shielding allies, mitigating damage, and providing control immunity. Team up with him to dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory.

Dreambuilder Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Guardian Support


Team Buffs


Late Game

Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position

Front Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

No Requirements

Dreambuilder Skills and Abilities

Nature’s Will (Passive): Every 6 seconds, Dreambuilder enters a natural dream, dispelling all control effects on himself and reducing the damage he takes by 15% while increasing his movement speed by 15%, lasting for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: This passive effect undoubtedly enhances Zhuang Zhou’s survivability.

Kaleidoscope (Skill 01): Dreambuilder transforms into a butterfly, removing all control effects on himself. The butterfly flies in the specified direction, dealing 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+72% magic power) magic damage to enemies in its path and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 8s Cost: 80
Tips: This skill, combined with the passive effect, can help chase enemies and slow down multiple enemies when retreating.

Sleep Starts (Skill 02): Dreambuilder dream butterfly flaps its wings, dealing 250/320/390/460/530/600 (+30% magic power) magic damage to nearby enemies and increasing the movement speed of allies within range by 3% for 5 seconds. Consecutive hits of the skill stack, with each layer adding 125/160/195/230/265/300 (+15% magic power) magic damage and 3% movement speed, stacking up to 5 times.

Passive: He automatically casts Butterfly Effect every 6 seconds.
Cooldown: 6/5.4/4.8/4.2/3.6/3s Cost: 40
Tips: This skill has a short cooldown and can be used multiple times, making it a good choice for both chasing and retreating.

Butterfly Effect (Ultimate): Dreambuilder creates a dream realm to protect nearby allies, dispelling control effects on them and making them immune to control while granting them a shield of 500/900/1300, lasting for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 60/55/50s Cost: 150
Tips: A powerful protective skill, this ability reduces damage and grants immunity to control for allies, making it an excellent combination for Team Fights.

HOK Dreambuilder Pro Builds

Guardian's Glory Item
boots of Tranquility item
Wings-of-Redemption Item
Glacial Buckler item
Overlord's-Platemail Item
succubus cloak item
fate arcana
harmony arcana
vacuity arcana
heal Common Skill


  • Guardian’s Glory
  • Boots of Tranquility
  • Wings of Redemption
  • Glacial Buckler
  • Overlord’s Platemail
  • Succubus Cloak


  • Fate 10x
  • Harmony 10x
  • Vacuity 10x

Common Skills

  • Heal

Dreambuilder Best Partners

Shiranui Mai: As a mage assassin, Shiranui Mai often needs to dive into the enemy’s backline, but her fragility makes her vulnerable to control and burst damage. Dreambuilders’s damage reduction and control immunity greatly improve her safety, allowing her to easily engage in team fights and deal explosive damage.

Huang Zhong: Dreambuilder provides a favorable environment for Huang Zhong’s damage output. In high-level matches, Dreambuilder’s damage reduction and control immunity prevent Huang Zhong from being quickly killed. When enemies try to dive in, they will enter both Huang Zhong and Dreambuilder’s attack range, taking damage from both without being able to kill Huang Zhong.


Use the first and second skills to keep enemies at bay or cover allies’ retreat. Try to stay close to damage-dealing heroes and use your ultimate to protect them when enemies dive in.

Dreambuilder Counters

Zhuang Zhou is weak against solo assassins with high damage output. Dreambuilder should be cautious of Diao Chan’s true damage and chase when he is low on health.


  1. Try to bait out Dreambuilder’s ultimate before engaging in a team fight.
  2. He is weak in solo combat, so try to catch him alone.
  3. As He is a tank, try not to waste damage and control skills on him.

Dreambuilder Team Fight Strategy

During team fights, Dreambuilder should stay close to his team’s damage dealers, ready to protect them while they deal damage and retreat. Pay attention to your allies’ positioning and the enemies’ dive attempts. Use your abilities strategically to ensure your team’s damage dealers can safely output their damage without being controlled or killed.

When initiating a team fight, look for opportunities to use your Butterfly Transformation skill to engage and slow down enemies, making it easier for your team to follow up with their abilities. Simultaneously, keep an eye on the status of your allies, especially the damage dealers, and use Unity of Heaven and Man when they are at risk of being controlled or killed.

As Dream builder, your primary role is to provide protection and support for your team. Make sure you’re coordinating with your teammates, communicating when your abilities are off cooldown, and when you’re ready to engage or disengage. This will help your team make the most of your protective and control abilities, increasing the chances of winning team fights and ultimately the game.

How to Play Dreambuilder (Gameplay Strategies)

As a Pro Gamer, Here is a gameplay strategies for early, mid and late game for Dreambuider.

Early Game Strategy:

  1. Focus on helping your damage-dealing allies to farm and level up quickly by providing protection from enemy harassments and controlling the lane. Your passive, Nature’s Will, and Sleep Starts (Skill 02) will help ensure your own survivability during this phase.
  2. Look for opportunities to set up ganks with your teammates by using your Kaleidoscope (Skill 01) to slow down enemies and deal damage. Coordinate with your team for effective ganks and follow-ups.
  3. Secure objectives, such as jungle buffs and vision control, to help your team gain an early advantage.

Mid Game Strategy:

  1. Keep an eye on your allies’ positioning and be ready to support them when they are in danger. Your Butterfly Effect (Ultimate) will be crucial in protecting them from crowd control and burst damage.
  2. Participate in team fights and skirmishes by engaging enemies with your Kaleidoscope (Skill 01) and Sleep Starts (Skill 02). Use your abilities to disrupt enemies and create favorable conditions for your damage dealers.
  3. Focus on securing objectives like towers, dragons, and buffs to maintain map control and increase your team’s gold and experience advantage.

Late Game Strategy:

  1. Position yourself close to your team’s primary damage dealers, ensuring their safety during crucial team fights. Utilize your Butterfly Effect (Ultimate) to protect them from control effects and burst damage.
  2. Be aware of your team’s positioning and look for opportunities to engage enemies with your Kaleidoscope (Skill 01) and Sleep Starts (Skill 02). Your crowd control and damage reduction abilities will be essential in turning the tide of battle in your team’s favor.
  3. Prioritize securing major objectives like Baron or Elder Dragon, as these will provide significant power boosts to your team, helping secure victory in the late game.

Throughout the game, remember to communicate effectively with your teammates, providing them with information on your ability cooldowns and coordinating engagements and disengagements. As Dreambuilder, your primary role is to ensure the safety and success of your damage dealers, enabling them to carry your team to victory.

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