HOK Chemist Build Guide

Honor of Kings Bian Que/Chemist: Pro Builds, Synergy,Counter

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Honor of Kings passive Mage Hero Chemist (Bian Que), a forward mage skilled in damage and healing teammates. In this guide, We’ll cover the perfect build, abilities, and tactics to master this hero. The Chemist Pro Build features items and arcana that boost his abilities, ensuring he excels in battle.

HOK Chemist (Bian Que)

Chemist Hero Image

Chemist is a Passive Mage. He is know for his sustained damage and healing ability. The more Marks Chemist has, the higher his Ultimate damage will be. You can use Skill 1 to gam Marks quickly and make sure you have at least 2 bottles of Deadly Panacea before team fights.

Chemist Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Forward Mage


Sustained Damage/Heal


Late Game

Recommended Lane

Mid Lane

Team Fight Position

Back Row

Azure Golem

High Requirements

Understanding Chemist’s Abilities and Skills

Bian Que passive

Malicious Practice

Bian Que First Skill

Deadly Panacea (Skill 01)

Bian Que Second Skill

Fatal Diagnosis (Skill 02)

Bian Que Ultimate

Master of Life (Ultimate)

Malicious Practice (Passive): Chemist normal attacks and skills will carry a potent poison, dealing 25 (+5% Magic Power) magic damage per second and stacking one layer of Poison Mark, with damage scaling with the hero’s level. When friendly heroes receive treatment from Good and Evil Diagnosis, they recover 5 (+2% Magic Power) HP per second and stack one layer of Recovery Mark. Poison Marks and Recovery Marks can stack up to 5 layers and last for 7 seconds, with 100% effectiveness for friendly heroes.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: This skill can deal continuous damage after using a skill or a normal attack, making it a good choice for trading and poking in the lane. When fighting against Bian Que, don’t wait until low HP to retreat, or you might be killed by the continuous damage effect.

Deadly Panacea (Skill 01): Chemist throws a deadly poison bottle at a designated area. When the bottle hits the ground and breaks, the poison remains on the spot for 4 seconds, dealing 70/76/82/88/94/100 (+12% Magic Power) magic damage per second to enemies within the area and reducing their movement speed by 30% for 2 seconds. He can create a poison bottle every 15/14.4/13.8/13.2/12.6/12 seconds, storing up to 3 bottles.

Cooldown: 2s Cost: 40
Tips: The damage isn’t very high; the primary function is to slow down enemies, acting as a soft crowd control skill to limit the enemy’s positioning.

Fatal Diagnosis (Skill 02): Chemist releases a potion in the designated direction, dealing 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+30% Magic Power) magic damage to enemies in its path. When casting, it automatically adds stacks of Marks to friendly heroes within range and recovers 50/60/70/80/90/100 (+15% Magic Power) HP.

Cooldown: 5s Cost: 60
Tips: This skill can heal allies and yourself. When you have enough mana, you can use this skill to recover HP. In team fights, it provides a decent healing effect for teammates.

Master of Life (Ultimate): Chemist detonates all nearby Marks, dealing 200/250/300 (+40% Magic Power) magic damage to enemies and healing friendly heroes for 80/100/120 (+20% Magic Power) HP. Each layer of Marks increases the damage and healing effect by 50%. Additionally, Chemist recovers 450/600/750 (+30% Magic Power) HP for himself.

Cooldown: 18/15/12s Cost: 130
Tips: This skill deals large-scale damage and healing. When the passive Marks are stacked high, it can deal substantial magic damage to enemies and provide powerful healing for allies.

Ideal Skill Order for Bian Que

To maximize Kai’s potential, prioritize upgrades his skills in the following order:

  1. Ultimate: Master of Life
  2. Second Skill: Fatal Diagnosis
  3. First Skill: Deadly Panacea

Chemist Pro Build

Boots of Deftness item
Holy Grail Item
Scepter of Reverberation Item
frozen breath item
void staff item
Venomous Staff Hero Image
nightmare arcana
hunter arcana
tribute arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Boots of Deftness
  • Holy Grail
  • Scepter of Reverberation
  • Frozen Breath
  • Void Staff
  • Venomous Staff


  • Nightmare 10x
  • Hunter 10x
  • Tribute 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash
Mask of Agony item
boots of resistance item
Scepter of Reverberation Item
Glacial Buckler item
Savant's Wrath item
Tome of Wisdom item
nightmare arcana
hunter arcana
tribute arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Mask of Agony
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Scepter of Reverberation
  • Glacial Buckler
  • Savant’s Wrath
  • Tome of Wisdom


  • Nightmare 10x
  • Hunter 10x
  • Tribute 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

Best Team Synergy for Chemist

Chemist works best with heroes who can capitalize on his healing, soft crowd control, and sustained damage capabilities. Look for heroes with strong engage or high survivability to create a formidable frontline.

Little Lute Hero Image

Little Lute

1) Team fight utility: Both heroes have good healing abilities, acting as primary healers in team fights, ensuring their teammates’ health is maintained and increasing the team’s margin for error.

2) Skill synergy: Little Lute’s second skill provides good crowd control for Bian Que, allowing him to easily stack 5 layers of passive effects with his 1st, 2nd skills and normal attacks. When used together with his ultimate, it deals high damage.

Hegemon Hero Image


Xiang Yu has strong tanking and crowd control abilities, able to push away enemy diving heroes and prevent them from getting close. His ultimate’s crowd control effect also disables the enemy’s counterplay. hegemon’s constant protection, combined with Bian Que’s slow and poison stacking, can make the enemy heroes suffer greatly.

  • Frontline Tanks and Initiators: Heroes like Luban and Hegemon provide excellent initiation and crowd control, allowing Chemist to safely deal damage from the backline.
  • High Crowd Control Supports: Combining Chemist’s control abilities with supports like Little Lute or Diao Chan can create devastating chain crowd control effects, locking down enemies for extended periods.

Countering Chemist

Prince of Lanling Hero Image

Prince of Lanling

Lanling’s stealth and burst capabilities allow him to easily approach and assassinate Chemist.

Hua Mulan Hero image


Hua Mulan’s high burst damage output can quickly kill a poorly positioned Chemist.

  • Mobile Assassins: Heroes like Mooney King, Prince of Lanling or Berserker can quickly close the gap and eliminate Chemist, exploiting his vulnerability to burst damage and lack of escape mechanisms.
  • Long-Range Poke Heroes: Heroes with long-range poke abilities, such as Marco Polo or Garo, can harass Chemist from a distance, making it difficult for him to engage in fights effectively.

General Tips to Counter Chemist

  1. Bian Que’s solo fighting capabilities are relatively weak; consider isolating him for an easy kill.
  2. Dodge Chemist’s skills by positioning yourself effectively.
  3. When Chemist’s passive stacks are high, avoid his ultimate’s range to prevent taking significant damage.

Team Fight Strategy and Battle Tactics

Bian Que mainly focuses on poking and supporting. He disrupts and wears down enemies with his 1st and 2nd skills while healing allies with his 2nd skill. His ultimate should be used when passive stacks are high, as it will yield higher benefits in both healing allies and damaging enemies.

In team fights, Bian Que primarily uses his 1st skill to limit enemies, his 2nd skill to deal damage or heal teammates depending on the situation, and his ultimate when passive stacks are high. Aim to hit as many enemies as possible for maximum damage output and better healing effects for your allies.

Mastering the Bian Que, the Chemist, requires understanding his versatile skill set, optimizing your build, and maintaining excellent positioning during fights.

By following the strategies, equipment recommendations, and tips outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield and outperforming your opponents in Honor of Kings. Embrace the power of this passive mage and lead your team to victory.

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