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Honor of Kings Beast: Builds, Synergy, counters (Pro Guides)

Beast, also known as Zhang Fei, is a powerful tank with high damage output, especially after transforming. Discover the ultimate Beast Pro builds, Gameplay Strategies and Tips, synergies, and counters in this comprehensive guide.

HOK Beast

Beast Hero Image

Beast is a Versatile hero with dual skill sets, capable of both tanking and dealing high damage output. In his untransformed state, he excels at protecting teammates and controlling enemies. After transformation, he gains increased durability, damage, and resistance.

Beast Position and Lane Intro






Hero Master Difficulty



Sub Class

Guardian Support


Crowd Control/Team Buffs



Recommended Lane


Team Fight Position

Front Row Row

Crimson/Azure Golem

Low Requirements

Beast Skills and Abilities

Dark Potential (Passive): Before Zhang Fei transforms, each basic attack increases his Fury by 3 points; After transforming, using skills will cause the ground around him to tremble, reducing the movement speed of nearby enemies by 50% for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 0s Cost: 0
Tips: Zhang Fei’s passive skill can be considered divine. Transformed Zhang Fei is a powerful tank with high damage output.

Forbidden Domain (Skill 01): Zhang Fei swings his Serpent Lance in all directions, dealing 450/550/650/750/850/950 (+100% Physical Bonus) physical damage to enemies within range; when hitting enemy heroes, they will be knocked back; for each non-hero enemy unit hit, Zhang Fei gains 1 Fury, and hitting enemy heroes grants him 3 Fury points.

Cooldown: 6s Cost: 0
Tips: The skill’s damage before transformation is not very high, so we primarily need its knockback effect to repel enemy assassins, protect our backline, or accumulate Fury quickly by jungling or killing minions.

Leaping Savior (Skill 02): Zhang Fei leaps to a targeted area, activating a mechanism seal upon landing, which grants a shield to allies within range that can absorb 550/740/930/1120/1310/1500 (+50% Physical Bonus) damage; using this skill grants 3 Fury points, and for each allied hero granted a shield, Zhang Fei gains an additional Fury point. After transforming, Zhang Fei leaps to a targeted area, stomping enemy units within the area and dealing 380/430/480/530/580/630 (+94% Physical Bonus) physical damage.

Cooldown: 10s Cost: 0
Tips: This skill is a supportive skill before transformation, providing a shield to teammates during team fights or helping Zhang Fei escape. After transformation, it becomes a powerful damage-dealing skill. Combining the transformed state with the 2nd skill to engage in battle is an effective strategy for Zhang Fei.

Unbridled Outburst (Ultimate): When Zhang Fei reaches peak Fury, he roars in a targeted direction, creating a whirlwind path and revealing his demonic true form, gaining a shield equal to 40% of his maximum health for 15 seconds; immune to control effects during the roar, the whirlwind pushes enemies away and deals 500/750/1000 (+65% Physical Bonus) physical damage, while enemies at the end of the whirlwind are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Zhang Fei gains a 50% movement speed boost in the whirlwind; Demonic True Form: In this form, Zhang Fei’s basic attacks deal an additional 40/50/60 (+100% Physical Bonus) damage.

Cooldown: 40s Cost: 100
Tips: After transforming, this skill not only grants a shield, but also releases a powerful effect on the path directly in front of Zhang Fei, dealing damage and stunning enemies.

HOK Beast Pro Builds

Guardian's Glory Item
boots of resistance item
blazing cape Item
Ominous-Premonition Item
succubus cloak item
Overlord's-Platemail Item
fate arcana
harmony arcana
vacuity arcana
Heal Common Skills


  • Guardian’s Glory
  • Boots of Resistance
  • Blazing Cape
  • Ominous Premonition
  • Succubus Cloak
  • Overlord’s Platemail


  • Fate 10x
  • Harmony 1x
  • Vacuity 10x

Common Skills

  • Heal

Beast Synergies

  1. Huang Zhong: Huang Zhong is relatively fragile and needs protection from teammates. Zhang Fei is the perfect hero to protect him from damage. Huang Zhong is most vulnerable to enemy dives and focus fire when using his ultimate, but Zhang Fei can provide shields and knock back enemies, further stunning and scattering them, allowing Huang Zhong to maximize his damage output while staying protected.
  2. Solarus (Hou Yi): Hou Yi is another hero who relies on teammates for protection and is particularly susceptible to taunting. Assassins want to eliminate Hou Yi first due to his terrifying damage output. Zhang Fei’s shield can block at least one enemy assassin’s skill, while his 1st skill can keep enemies at a distance from Hou Yi. His ultimate creates an even better environment for Hou Yi to maximize his damage output.

Beast Counters

When Zhang Fei’s energy is not full, his fighting power is weaker; attack him at this time. In team fights, try not to waste skills on Zhang Fei.

  1. Mulan: Zhang Fei’s solo fighting ability is not strong; when facing burst assassins like Mulan, it’s better to retreat.
  2. Zhuang Zhou: Zhuang Zhou’s ultimate can alleviate the control effects of Zhang Fei’s skills.

Beast Team Fight Strategy

Zhang Fei has different roles depending on his transformation state. In his untransformed state, he is a tank hero, taking damage and saving teammates. After transforming, he gains damage output and becomes more durable and resistant.

For Zhang Fei with dual skill sets, it’s crucial to seize the opportunity to use his ultimate. When engaging enemies, you can avoid transforming immediately and wait until the enemy has used their mobility skills before using your ultimate for a guaranteed stun, making the fight easier.

If you manage to control multiple enemies, your teammates can swarm in and quickly eliminate the opposing team.

In team fights, Zhang Fei can initiate with his ultimate to control and engage enemies. Then, use his 2nd skill to jump in and control enemies while continuously dealing damage with his 1st skill, crushing the enemy backline.

Coordinate with melee champions to focus fire on fragile enemy heroes and eliminate them. Remember that his ultimate requires accumulated Fury, so use basic attacks or skills on minions to accelerate Fury recovery and ensure you have the ultimate ready during team fights.

How to Play Beast (Gameplay Strategies)

As a Pro Gamer, Here is gameplay strategies for Early, Mid and Late for Beast

Early Game Strategy:

  • During the early game, focus on accumulating Fury through basic attacks and using Zhang Fei’s Skill 1 (Forbidden Domain) to clear minion waves and jungle camps.
  • Skill 1 is also useful for repelling enemy assassins and protecting your backline.
  • Focus on farming and building up your items to increase your survivability and damage output.

Mid Game Strategy:

  • As the mid-game begins, team fights become more frequent. Use Zhang Fei’s Skill 2 (Leaping Savior) to provide shields to your teammates during skirmishes or to escape dangerous situations.
  • Coordinate with your team to take objectives such as towers, dragons, and overlord.
  • Look for opportunities to use your ultimate (Unbridled Outburst) in team fights, especially when the enemy team is grouped up or has used their mobility skills.
  • Remember to accumulate Fury for your ultimate by using basic attacks or skills on minions.

Late Game Strategy:

  • In the late game, Zhang Fei’s role transitions to a frontline tank and damage dealer. Use your ultimate to initiate team fights, controlling and engaging enemies.
  • Follow up with Skill 2 (Leaping Savior) to jump into the fray, and use Skill 1 (Forbidden Domain) to deal damage and control enemies.
  • Coordinate with your team to focus on high-priority targets and eliminate them quickly.
  • Utilize your synergies with heroes like Huang Zhong and Solarus (Hou Yi) to maximize your team’s damage output.

Throughout the game, be mindful of your counters and adjust your playstyle accordingly. When facing burst assassins like Mulan, play more defensively and focus on protecting your teammates.

Against heroes like Zhuang Zhou, be cautious with your ultimate and look for opportunities to bait out his own before engaging. By following this gameplay strategy, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Zhang Fei and dominating the battlefield.

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