Honor of Kings Milady: Build, Synergy, Counter (Pro Guides)

Milady in “Honor of Kings” is a mage known for her machine control and the unique ability to damage enemy Tower with minion support. Building her equipment should focus on boosting ability power for increased damage output, enhancing durability for lane presence, and improving mana sustainability for ability usage.

In team fights, Milady excels in AoE damage and pressuring structures, requiring items that amplify magical damage, provide survivability, and potentially reduce cooldowns for strategic advantages.

Milady Hero Profile, Position and Lane Intro

Milady Hero Image
SUB CLASSFormation Mage
STRENGHTSustained Damage/Pushing
STAGESEarly Game
LANEMid Lane
AZURE GOLEMHighly Dependent
PRICE688 Tokens or 13888 Gold

Milady Basic Stats and Attribute




Skill Tier







Max Mana


Physical Damage


Physical Defense


Magical Defense


Movement Speed


Critical Damage


Attack Ranged


Health Reg./5s


Mana Reg./5s


Milady Pro Build

boots of Tranquility item
Scepter of Reverberation Item
Mask of Agony item
Twilight Stream
Savant's Wrath item
Splendor item
nightmare arcana
hunter arcana
Compassion arcana
Flash common Skill


  • Boots of Tranquility
  • Scepter of Reverberation
  • Mask of Agony
  • Twilight Stream
  • Savant Wrath
  • Splendor


  • Nightmare 10x
  • Hunt 10x
  • Compassion 10x

Common Skills

  • Flash

Milady Skills and Abilities

Mechanical Minions (Passive): Each kill of an enemy target will summon a minion that lasts for 8 seconds and automatically attacks enemies. If the minion is not killed, it will explode at the end of its life, dealing 200(+30% AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. Mechanical Minion Basic Attack: 120(+17.1Hero Level)(+25% AP) magic damage, Health: 500(+107.1Hero Level)(+110% AP), Movement Speed: 450(+10% AP). The magic damage, health, and movement speed of Mechanical Minion’s basic attacks are enhanced by the AP of Milady. A maximum of 5 Mechanical Minions can exist at once, with earlier ones exploding automatically if the limit is exceeded.

Cooldown: 0s, Cost: 0
Tips: Mechanical Minions are Milady’s biggest reliance. In laning or poke battles, Milady can easily snowball to victory by continuously killing and summoning Mechanical Minions.

Air Superiority (Skill 01): Milady commands a flyer to move in a designated direction, strafing enemies along the way and dealing 70/80/90/100/110/120 (+7% AP) magic damage. After two consecutive attacks, the next attack will launch a missile at the target, dealing 140 (+14% AP) magic damage. During flight, Milady can command the flyer to split into two, each dealing 80/92/104/116/128/140 (+6% AP) magic damage. If an enemy is hit by two flyers at the same time, they will be slowed by 50% for 1.5 seconds.

Cooldown: 8/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4/6s, Cost: 60
Tips: Milady’s main poke ability. Properly predicting the flight path and splitting the flyer at the right moment can deal significant damage while limiting the opponent’s mobility.

Forced Invasion (Skill 02): Milady marks a location, and after a brief delay, summons two Mechanical Minions that deal 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+20% AP) magic damage upon landing to nearby enemies. They activate after 1 second, automatically attacking nearby enemy units, and last for up to 8 seconds. A Mechanical Minion is stored every 16/15.2/14.4/13.6/12.8/12 seconds, with a maximum of 3 stored.

Cooldown: 3s Cost: 25 Tips: Miady’s core skill. When there are not enough Mechanical Minions, Milady can actively increase the number of minions on the field to support her combat.

Chaos Field (Ultimate): Milady Launches a beacon towards the target, marking them for 3 seconds and stunning enemies for 0.75 seconds, dealing 80/120/160 (+4% AP) magic damage every 0.5 seconds and reducing their movement speed by 30%. When the marking period ends, it explodes, dealing 25/37/50% of the total damage dealt during the mark period to the target. If the target dies while marked, three minions are immediately summoned. During the ultimate, friendly Mechanical Minions within range gain 100% attack speed and movement speed and immediately rush to attack the target. The beacon can be cast on buildings, but the stun is ineffective.

Cooldown: 35/30/25s, Cost: 100
Tips: Mechanical Minions will focus fire on the marked target during the ultimate, significantly increasing the second phase of damage when there are enough Mechanical Minions in action.

Milady Skill Combo

Recommended Combo Order: Chaos Field > Air Superiority > Forced Invasion > Basic Attack.

Control the enemy with the 3rd skill, deal damage with the 1st skill, use the 2nd skill to summon mechanical minions to chase the enemy, and finally connect with a basic attack.

Milady Best Partner

Milady’s control effects on a target, combined with the burst damage and control methods of Kyo, can kill the enemy within a control chain.

Li Bai can restrict enemy movement, preventing them from avoiding Mechanical Minion attacks, and compensate for Milady’s lack of burst damage.

Milady Counter

When Sun Ce releases his ultimate, the more enemies and the denser their formation, the higher the damage. He can specifically counter Milady’s mechanical army.

Milady has poor escape abilities, and her ultimate has a flight path. Once countered by Mulan’s immunity to control effects, she can be killed up close by Mulan.

Counter Tips

  • Mechanical Minions can only live for 8 seconds. Pull the battle away to defeat Milady while she is preparing Mechanical Minions;
  • Using tanks with dash abilities to absorb Milady’s ultimate and the damage during this period can force the ultimate and Mechanical Minions not to prioritize our damage dealers, effectively reducing her team fight threat.

Milady Gameplay Tips and Team Fight Strategy

Milady can continuously produce Mechanical Minions from afar through minion waves, allowing teammates and Milady to group up and push forward, avoiding many troubles.

Control the position of the 1st skill’s, trying to hit the enemy with both small flyers simultaneously for high damage and a slow effect; Only by combining the damage of Mechanical Minions and Air Superiority can the ultimate, Chaos Field, deal maximum damage.

Tips 1: Summon a mechanical legion to wear down the enemy from a distance.
Tips 2: The 3rd skill executes enemies and can summon minions.

Recommended Combo Order: Gold, Havoc Magnetic Field, Aerial Power, Forced Invasion, Basic Attack. Control the enemy with the 3rd skill, deal damage with the 1st skill, use the 2nd skill to summon mechanical minions to chase the enemy, and finally connect with a basic attack.

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