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MLBB:: Tigreal Best Builds & Emblem Set (Pro Guides)

Tigreal Introduction, Position and Lane Intro

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Tigreal, a character in Mobile Legends, serves as a Tank/Support with a specialty in Crowd Control, costing 6500$ or 299 Diamonds. Excelling in the Roam lane, he’s an S-tier hero known for initiating team fights and safeguarding allies. His balance of offensive and defensive abilities makes him indispensable in team strategies, disrupting enemies and providing a solid frontline presence.






Ability Effects



ClassRecommended Lane Strength

Tigreal Stats and Attributes

Movement SPD: 260Physical Attack: 112
Magic Power: 0Physical Defense: 25
Magical Defense: 10  HP: 2890
Mana: 450Attack Speed: 0.826
Hp Regen: 8.4Mana Regen: 2.4

Understanding Tigreal’s Skills and Abilities

Fearless (Passive)

Tigreal gains a stack of (Fearless) each time he uses a skill or is hit by a Basic Attack. After getting 4 stacks, Tigreal will consume all (Fearless) stacks to block the next incoming Basic Attack (including attacks from Turrets). [C8Attacks from Minions do not grant] (Fearless) [C8stacks nor trigger its effect].

Remember to do basic attacks between spells to harden you even more. You don’t need to hit enemies to activate your passive so do it before Teamfights, or when you considerate it is necessary.

Attack Wave (First Skill)

Tigreal smashes the ground with his hammer and sends a shockwave that erupts 3 times in the target direction, each time dealing 270( +70% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemies along the fan-shaped area and slowing them by 20%/40%/60% for 1.5s.

A Straight wave that is useful for killing minions, slowing down running enemies from battles and useful to stop enemies’ HP regen. Try not to spam it a lot because it consumes a lot of mana, just waste it while having enemies in front and you make sure that you will hit them.

Sacred Hammer (Skill 02)

Tigreal charges in the target direction, dealing ( +100% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemies along the way and pushing them to the end of the charge. (Use Again): Tigreal can use this skill again within 4s, dealing 280( +60% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage) to enemies in front of him and knocking them airborne for 1s.

The most important Tigreal’s ability, being hard to master at the begining but easier to manipulate after playing several games with Tigreal. This ability complements well with the battle spell Flicker by dragging the enemy team to your side where your team awaits for them. Anyway, it costs even more mana than the 1st ability so use it wisely.

Implosion (Ultimate)

Tigreal unleashes the power of his hammer, stunning and pulling nearby enemies to him for 2s while dealing 270( +130% Total Physical Attack) (Physical Damage). [C8The first half of the channeling can be interrupted by control effects. The second half of the channeling can only be interrupted by Suppression.]

The perfect complement for the 2nd ability and flicker. It is one of the best crowd control abilities on the game, so you have a great power in your hands and a really useful weapon for teamfights.

Ideal Skill Order for Tigreal

You should max his 2nd ability to reduce its cooldown and mana consume, it is important to max that ability due to the movility it provides you when you are far from a battle and want to go and helpm, also because it is the most useful Tigreal skill after his Ultimate. Anyway, you should start picking the first ability for a faster cleaning of your line in early game and to spam it to your opponent’s. (Max Ultimate whenever is possible)

Tigreal’s Best Build

Athena Shield Item

Athena’s Shield

boots of Tranquility item

Warrior Boots – Conceal

Antique Cuiras

Antique Cuirass

boots of Tranquility item

Dominance Ice



Cursed Helmet Items

Cursed Helmet

Athena’s Shield

Unique Passive – Shield: Upon taking Magic Damage, gains 25% Magic Damage Reduction for 3s (applied before taking damage). Regains this effect 5s after leaving combat.

Warrior Boots – Conceal

Active Skill – Conceal: Success

Antique Cuirass

Unique Passive – Deter: When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker’s Physical Damage by 4% for 2s (this effect stacks up to 3 times).

Dominance Ice

Unique Passive – Arctic Cold: Reduces the Attack Speed of nearby enemy heroes to 70% of normal.


Unique Passive – Immortal: Revives 2.5s after death, gaining 16% Max HP and a 220-1200 shield (scales with level) that lasts 3s (210s cooldown).

Cursed Helmet

Unique Passive – Burning Soul: Deals Magic Damage equal to 0.6% of the hero’s Max HP per second to nearby enemies. This damage is increased by 140% to 350% against creeps and minions (scales with level).

Tigreal’s Best Build (Set 2)

boots of Tranquility item

Warrior Boots

boots of Tranquility item

Dominance Ice

boots of Tranquility item

Athena’s Shield

boots of Tranquility item

Antique Cuirass

boots of Tranquility item

Blade Armor

boots of Tranquility item


Tigreal’s Spell Guide

Flicker Icon


Petrify Icon


In “Mobile Legends,” Tigreal is a popular hero known for his role as a tank. He has access to various “spells” or battle spells in the game, which are abilities that can be selected independently of the hero’s innate abilities. Two of the spells often associated with Tigreal are “Flicker” and “Petrify.”

  1. Flicker:
    • Functionality: This spell allows the hero to teleport a short distance in a specified direction. For Tigreal, this can be particularly useful for quickly positioning himself for his crowd control abilities or escaping from dangerous situations.
    • Strategic Use: Flicker is often used by Tigreal players to initiate fights by teleporting into the midst of the enemy team and then using his area-of-effect (AoE) control abilities. It can also be a lifesaver when Tigreal is low on health and needs to make a quick escape.
  2. Petrify:
    • Functionality: When activated, Petrify momentarily stuns nearby enemies. This can be a crucial crowd control tool in team fights.
    • Strategic Use: Tigreal can use Petrify to enhance his crowd control capabilities. By combining it with his other abilities, he can lock down enemies for a significant amount of time, allowing his team to deal damage with reduced risk of retaliation.

These spells add a strategic layer to playing Tigreal, as choosing the right spell can significantly influence his effectiveness in various game scenarios. Flicker is generally favored for its versatility in both offensive and defensive maneuvers, while Petrify is chosen for enhancing Tigreal’s crowd control prowess, especially in team fights.

Tigreal’s Emblem Guide

For Tigreal in “Mobile Legends,” choosing the right emblem set is crucial to maximize his effectiveness as a tank. Here’s a guide:

Tank Emblem Set:

Primary Attributes: This set boosts Tigreal’s durability with increased HP, armor, and magic resistance.

Talent Points Allocation:
Firmness: Increases physical defense.
Shield: Boosts magic resistance.
Tenacity: Enhances Tigreal’s durability when his HP is low, making him tougher in critical situations.
Ideal for: Enhancing Tigreal’s role as a frontline tank, increasing his survivability in team fights.

Support Emblem Set (Alternative Choice):

Primary Attributes: Focuses on cooldown reduction, movement speed, and hybrid regen (HP and Mana).

Talent Points Allocation:
Agility: Increases movement speed, aiding mobility.
Recovery: Improves HP and Mana regenerations
Focusing Mark or Avarice: Either increases damage dealt to targets by teammates (Focusing Mark) or grants extra gold for assists (Avarice).
Ideal for: A more supportive playstyle, aiding team mobility and utility.

Choose the emblem set and talents based on your playstyle and team composition. The Tank Emblem is generally the best choice for maximizing Tigreal’s tanking capabilities, but the Support Emblem can be effective in a more utility-focused role.

Tigreal’s Teammates and Counters Hero

how Tigreal synergizes with certain teammates, counters specific enemies, and can be countered by others in “Mobile Legends.”

Best Teammates


Synergy: Tigreal’s ability to cluster enemies together with his skills complements Gord’s area-of-effect (AoE) damage abilities.

Tactics: Tigreal can initiate with his ultimate, gathering enemies in one spot. Following this, Gord can use his stun and ultimate to deal massive damage. This combo can be devastating in team fights, often leading to multiple kills or even a ‘Savage’ (eliminating the entire enemy team).



Why She’s Countered: Eudora’s stun can leave Tigreal vulnerable for a brief period, allowing the enemy team to focus their damage on him.

Consideration: While Tigreal is durable, he’s not invincible. Eudora’s ability to stun and burst down targets can be a significant threat. Tigreal players need to be cautious of her stun and positioning in team fights.

Countered By


Vulnerability: Miya relies heavily on her ultimate for mobility, which has a significant cooldown. This makes her susceptible to Tigreal’s initiations.

Tigreal’s Advantage: Tigreal can effectively reach and control Miya, especially when her ultimate is on cooldown. Using his Flicker spell and his second ability (Sacred Hammer), he can close the distance and disable her, preventing her escape and making her an easy target for his team.

His ability to work well with damage-dealing heroes like Gord, counter squishy mages like Eudora, and lock down vulnerable marksmen like Miya makes him a versatile and valuable tank in “Mobile Legends.” However, it’s also important to recognize and adapt to the threats posed by enemy heroes who can counter his strengths.

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