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MLBB:: Alucard Best Builds & Emblem Set 2024 (Pro Guides)

Alucard Introduction, Position and Lane Intro

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Alucard, a character in “Mobile Legends,” is a formidable Fighter/Assassin, renowned for his high burst damage and exceptional life steal abilities. Priced at 15,000 Battle Points or 399 Diamonds, he is adept in the Jungle or Side Lane roles. As an A-tier hero, Alucard excels in single-target eliminations, possessing strong mobility and sustain, making him a critical asset in 1v1 encounters and various team strategies.






Ability Effects



ClassRecommended Lane Strength

Alucard Stats and Attributes

Movement SPD260Magic Power0
Physical Attack123Physical Defense21
Magical Defense10HP2621
Mana450Attack Speed0.9
Hp Regen7.8Mana Regen0

Understanding Alucard’s Skills and Abilities

1. Pursuit (Passive)

Effect: After using a skill, Alucard’s next Basic Attack allows him to dash to the target, dealing extra damage.
Extra Damage: +140% Total Physical Attack.

Tip: Maximize this passive by using a Basic Attack after every skill. It’s great for chasing down enemies and maintaining constant pressure. Also, this works on all targets, including Towers, providing versatility in various combat scenarios.

2. Groundsplitter

  • Damage: 270 (+110% Extra Physical Attack).
  • Effect: Slows enemies by 40% for 2 seconds.
  • Cooldown: 10 seconds.
  • Tip: Use Groundsplitter for engaging enemies, escaping, or repositioning. It can also jump over walls, making it versatile for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. The slow effect helps in pursuing enemies or preventing their escape.

3. Whirling Smash

  • Damage: 345 (+120% Extra Physical Attack).
  • Cooldown: 5 seconds.
  • Tip: With its low cooldown, Whirling Smash is ideal for frequent damage output and wave clearing. Use it to consistently trigger your passive, enhancing your mobility and damage in skirmishes. It’s especially effective in crowded fights due to its AOE nature.

4. Fission Wave

  • Passive Effect: Permanently increases Hybrid Lifesteal by 10%.
  • Active Effect: Reduces enemies’ Movement Speed by 30% and Hybrid Defense by 10. Alucard gains 10 Hybrid Defense for each enemy hero hit.
  • Second Active Damage: 400 (+200% Extra Physical Attack).
  • Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Tip: Fission Wave significantly boosts your sustainability in battles. Use it to weaken enemies while bolstering your defense. The secondary shockwave attack should be timed to maximize damage output, ideally when multiple enemies are in range.

Ideal Skill Order

Max “2” first, for more sustain damage.
Since leveling “1” only increases your damage, the distance of the jump doesn’t increase, you can level this slowly.

Alucard’s Best Build

Athena Shield Item

Endless Battle

boots of Tranquility item

Warrior Boots

Antique Cuiras

War Axe

boots of Tranquility item

Haas’ Claws


Blade of Despair

Cursed Helmet Items


1. Endless Battle

Unique Passive – Divine Justice: After casting a skill, the next Basic Attack within 3 seconds deals an additional 60% Physical Attack as True Damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Tip: This item synergizes well with Alucard’s skill-based playstyle. The true damage boost after using a skill makes him more lethal in skirmishes.

2. Warrior Boots

Unique Passive – Valor: Provides an additional 4 Physical Defense for 3 seconds when taking physical damage, stacking up to 20 Physical Defense.

Tip: Ideal for increasing Alucard’s durability against physical damage, enhancing his sustain in the frontline.

3. War Axe

Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: After dealing damage, gain 10 Physical Attack and 2 Physical Penetration every second for 3 seconds, stacking up to 8 times. Marksmen, Mages, and Support heroes gain only 50% of these benefits. At full stacks, also gain 15% Movement Speed.

Tip: This item boosts Alucard’s damage output significantly, especially in prolonged fights. The stacking mechanism and movement speed increase are beneficial for chasing and dueling.

4. Haas’ Claws

Unique Passive – Frenzy: Critical strikes grant 20% Attack Speed for 2 seconds.

Tip: Haas’ Claws enhance Alucard’s attack speed following critical hits, which can be crucial in fast-paced battles where sustained damage is key.

5. Blade of Despair

Unique Passive – Despair: Dealing damage to non-Minion enemies below 50% HP increases Physical Attack by 25% for 2 seconds (the effect applies before the damage is dealt).

Tip: This item is highly effective for finishing off weakened enemies, as it significantly increases Alucard’s damage output against low-health targets.

6. Immortality

Unique Passive – Immortal: Revives the hero 2.5 seconds after death, granting 16% of Max HP and a shield ranging from 220-1200 (based on level) that lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 210 seconds.

Tip: Immortality provides Alucard with a second chance in battles, making it a valuable item for survivability, especially in late-game team fights.

Alucard’s Spell Guide

Flicker Icon


Petrify Icon


For Alucard in “Mobile Legends,” the use of the “Retribution” spell and its upgrade “Flame Retribution” can be quite effective, especially when playing in the jungler role. Here’s a detailed guide:

Retribution (Jungler Role)

  • Usage: Used for quickly killing jungle monsters.
  • Function: Increases damage to monsters; “Flame Retribution” adds a shield.
  • Tips: Use for early game farming and securing major objectives like Turtle and Lord.

Purify (Fighter Role)

  • Usage: Cleanses crowd control effects (like stuns).
  • Function: Removes all CC effects and grants brief CC immunity.
  • Tips: Use when under CC or anticipate being targeted, to maintain mobility in fights.

General Advice for Alucard: Choose the spell based on your role (jungler or fighter) and use it strategically to maximize Alucard’s effectiveness in farming, team fights, or escaping dangerous situations.

Alucard’s Emblem Guide

For Alucard in “Mobile Legends,” both the Assassin and Fighter emblem sets are suitable choices, each enhancing different aspects of his gameplay. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits each set offers:

Assassin Emblem Set:

  • Adaptive Penetration: +16. This increases Alucard’s ability to deal with heroes who have higher physical defense, making his attacks more effective.
  • Adaptive Attack: +10. This directly boosts Alucard’s physical attack, enhancing his overall damage output.
  • Movement Speed: +3%. The additional movement speed is beneficial for roaming around the map, engaging in fights, and chasing down enemies.

Fighter Emblem Set:

  • Spell Vamp: +10%. This significantly improves Alucard’s sustainability in fights, as it allows him to regain health based on the damage he deals.
  • Adaptive Attack: +22. This provides a more substantial increase in physical attack compared to the Assassin emblem, further boosting his damage.
  • Hybrid Defense: +6. This offers a balance of physical and magical defense, enhancing his durability in skirmishes and team fights.

Choosing Between the Two:

  • Assassin Emblem for Aggression: If your playstyle with Alucard is highly aggressive and focused on quickly eliminating targets, the Assassin emblem set might be more suitable. The penetration and movement speed are key for an assassin’s hit-and-run tactics.
  • Fighter Emblem for Sustain: If you prefer a more balanced approach, focusing on both damage and sustainability, the Fighter emblem set is ideal. The additional spell vamp and hybrid defense allow Alucard to stay longer in fights.

General Tips:

  • Match-Up Consideration: Consider the enemy lineup when choosing your emblem set. Against tankier opponents, the penetration from the Assassin emblem can be more effective.
  • Role Adaptation: If you are playing Alucard as a jungler, the Assassin emblem might be more beneficial for faster rotations and ganks. In a lane, the Fighter emblem can help you sustain during prolonged trades.

Tailoring your emblem choice to suit your playstyle and the game’s demands can significantly impact Alucard’s effectiveness in various phases of the game.

Alucard’s Teammates and Counters Hero

Let’s break down the best teammates and counters for Alucard in “Mobile Legends,” along with the reasons behind these dynamics:

Best Teammates for Alucard

1. Aurora (and similar Mages like Kagura)

  • Role & Strength: Aurora is a mage known for her crowd control abilities, particularly her freeze effects.
  • Synergy with Alucard:
    • Crowd Control: Aurora’s ability to disable enemies with her freeze effects complements Alucard’s playstyle. This control allows Alucard to deal damage without interruption.
    • Early Game Assistance: Mages like Aurora can deal significant damage early in the game, helping Alucard farm faster and more efficiently.
    • Team Fight Setup: In team fights, Aurora’s disables can set up opportunities for Alucard to dive into the enemy backline and take out key targets.

Counters to Alucard

1. Karina

  • Ability ‘1’ Effectiveness: Karina has an ability that makes her immune to basic attacks temporarily.
  • Counter Mechanism:
    • Skill Evasion: When Karina activates her skill, she can evade Alucard’s basic attacks, which are a significant part of his damage output.
    • Reduced Damage: Alucard’s reliance on basic attacks means that against Karina, he can lose out on a substantial portion of his potential damage.

Heroes Countered by Alucard

1. Layla (and similar low burst heroes)

  • Characteristics: Layla is a marksman with consistent damage but lacks burst potential.
  • Vulnerability to Alucard:
    • Sustained Fights: Alucard thrives in sustained combat scenarios, making him effective against heroes like Layla who can’t deliver quick, high burst damage.
    • Lifesteal Advantage: Alucard’s lifesteal abilities allow him to outlast opponents in prolonged fights.
    • 1v1/1v2 Potential: His ability to engage in 1v1 or even 1v2 situations effectively makes him a threat to heroes who rely on consistent but not overly bursty damage.

General Tips for Team Composition

  • Look for Synergy: When forming a team, consider heroes that can complement Alucard’s playstyle. Those with crowd control or early game damage can enhance his effectiveness.
  • Beware of Counters: Be cautious of heroes like Karina who can negate a significant part of Alucard’s damage output.
  • Target Selection: In-game, focus on targets that Alucard can effectively counter, like marksmen or fighters with lower burst potential, and avoid engagements where his weaknesses can be exploited by enemies.

Understanding these dynamics can help you choose the best teammates for Alucard and anticipate which enemy heroes might pose a threat, allowing for better strategic planning and execution in the game.

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