Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team 2024 (PvP, PvE, World, Story)

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team Composition for PvP, PvE, Arena, World Exploration, Story and other game modes.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team List 2024

Creating the team combinations in “Cookie Run: Kingdom” depends on various factors such as the game mode you’re focusing on (World Exploration, Arena, Guild Battle, etc.), the level of your cookies, and the treasures you have available.

Given the depth and complexity of the game’s meta, which can shift with updates and new cookie releases, here are generalized team compositions that should be effective in a range of situations. Note that these teams may not be optimal for every scenario and should be adjusted based on your specific needs and the cookies/treasures at your disposal.

1. Balanced PvE Team

  • Frontline: Dark Choco Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Espresso Cookie (Magic), Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support), Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healer)

2. Arena Offense Team

  • Frontline: Hollyberry Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Sea Fairy Cookie (Magic), Sorbet Shark Cookie (Ambush)
  • Rear: Parfait Cookie (Healer/Support), Cotton Cookie (Support)

3. Arena Defense Team

  • Frontline: Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Licorice Cookie (Magic), Frost Queen Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Herb Cookie (Healer), Cotton Cookie (Support)

4. Guild Battle Focus Team

  • Frontline: Dark Choco Cookie (Tank), Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Eclair Cookie (Magic), Sea Fairy Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support)

5. High Damage Output Team

  • Frontline: Vampire Cookie (Ambush)
  • Middle: Espresso Cookie (Magic), Latte Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support), Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healer)

6. Sustain and Survival Team

  • Frontline: Milk Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Herb Cookie (Healer), Mint Choco Cookie (Support)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support), Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healer)

7. Boss Raid Special Team

  • Frontline: Dark Choco Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Sea Fairy Cookie (Magic), Raspberry Mousse Cookie (Ambush)
  • Rear: Parfait Cookie (Healer/Support), Cotton Cookie (Support)

8. Control and AoE (Area of Effect) Damage Team

  • Frontline: Licorice Cookie (Magic)
  • Middle: Frost Queen Cookie (Magic), Poison Mushroom Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support), Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healer)

9. Speed Rush Arena Team

  • Frontline: Almond Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Sonic Cookie (Ambush), Sorbet Shark Cookie (Ambush)
  • Rear: Cotton Cookie (Support), Parfait Cookie (Healer/Support)

10. Defensive Stall Team

  • Frontline: Hollyberry Cookie (Tank), Milk Cookie (Tank)
  • Middle: Licorice Cookie (Magic)
  • Rear: Herb Cookie (Healer), Cotton Cookie (Support)

11. Ultimate PvP Defense

  • Composition: Pure Vanilla, Sea Fairy, Hollyberry, Dark Cacao, Black Pearl
  • Strengths: This setup combines strong defense with potent healing and magic damage, making it very effective for PvP defense. The inclusion of top-tier defensive cookies like Hollyberry and Dark Cacao, coupled with the healing prowess of Pure Vanilla and the offensive capabilities of Sea Fairy and Black Pearl, makes it difficult for opponents to break through.

12. High DPS Arena

  • Composition: Sea Fairy, Sorbet Shark, Crunchy Chip, Werewolf, Candy Diver
  • Strengths: Aimed at delivering high damage quickly, this team is excellent for taking down opponents fast in Arena battles. It leverages the raw power of Sea Fairy and the unique abilities of cookies like Sorbet Shark and Candy Diver to ambush and overwhelm the enemy.

13. Magical Supremacy

  • Composition: Pure Vanilla, Sherbet, Stardust, Red Velvet, Capsaicin
  • Strengths: Focused on magic damage, this composition is great for both PvP and PvE, thanks to its ability to deliver powerful AoE (Area of Effect) attacks and control the battlefield. The inclusion of Pure Vanilla ensures sustained healing, making the team resilient.

14. Balanced PvP

  • Composition: Dark Choco, Cotton, Poison Mushroom, Eclair, Affogato
  • Strengths: Offering a mix of defense, support, and magic damage, this team is well-rounded for PvP battles. It can adapt to various strategies, making it a versatile choice for players who like to balance offense and defense.

5. Sustain & Defense

  • Composition: Avocado, Beet, Clover, Herb, Carrot
  • Strengths: Excelling in sustainability and defense, this team is built to outlast opponents. It’s particularly effective in PvE and Guild Battles, where prolonged fights require robust defensive capabilities and consistent healing.

For each team, the key is to ensure that your cookies’ levels and skill levels are appropriately managed and that you’re using treasures that complement their abilities. Always pay attention to the synergy between your cookies’ skills. As the game evolves, be prepared to adjust your team compositions to adapt to new challenges and meta shifts.

This is the Full list for Different Team Composition to play in different game modes in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Team No.FocusCookies & Roles
1Exploration  & AdventureClover  (Support), Alchemist (Magic), Angel (Healer), Beet (Ambush), Adventurer  (Charge)
2Balanced  PvPDark  Choco (Defense), Cotton (Support), Poison Mushroom (Magic), Eclair (Magic),  Affogato (Bomber)
3Exploration  & AdventureClover  (Support), Adventurer (Charge), Angel (Healer), Beet (Ambush), Alchemist  (Magic)
4Arena  OffenseTwizzly  Gummy (Charge), Sea Fairy (Magic), Wildberry (Defense), Oyster (Support),  Almond (Defense)
5High  DPS PvPVampire  (Ambush), Oyster (Support), Caramel Arrow (Ranged), Financier (Bomber), Angel  (Healer)
6Sustain  & DefenseBeet  (Ambush), Clover (Support), Herb (Healer), Carrot (Ranged), Avocado (Defense)
7Sustain  & DefenseAvocado  (Defense), Clover (Support), Herb (Healer), Carrot (Ranged), Beet (Ambush)
8Versatile  DefenseGumball  (Charge), Onion (Bomber), Carrot (Ranged), Avocado (Defense), Blackberry  (Magic)
9Ultimate  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Sea Fairy (Magic), Hollyberry (Defense), Dark Cacao  (Defense), Black Pearl (Magic)
10Mixed  StrategyOnion  (Bomber), Purple Yam (Defense), Rye (Ranged), Cherry Blossom (Magic), Black  Raisin (Ambush)
11Balanced  PvPPure  Vanilla (Healer), Moonlight (Magic), Wildberry (Defense), Hollyberry  (Defense), Blueberry Pie (Magic)
12High  DPS ArenaSea  Fairy (Magic), Sorbet Shark (Ambush), Crunchy Chip (Ranged), Werewolf  (Charge), Candy Diver (Ambush)
13Magical  SupremacyPure  Vanilla (Healer), Sherbet (Support), Stardust (Magic), Red Velvet (Charge),  Capsaicin (Magic)
14Special  Ops PvPCarol  (Ranged), Macaron (Magic), Candy Diver (Ambush), Cream Unicorn (Support),  Captain Caviar (Charge)
15Aggressive  PvPSea  Fairy (Magic), Dark Cacao (Defense), GingerBrave (Charge), Kumiho (Magic),  Caramel Arrow (Ranged)
16PvE  ChallengePumpkin  Pie (Magic), Macaron (Magic), Wildberry (Defense), Space Doughnut (Support),  Carol (Ranged)
17Sustain  & DefenseAvocado  (Defense), Beet (Ambush), Clover (Support), Herb (Healer), Carrot (Ranged)
18Mixed  StrategyOnion  (Bomber), Purple Yam (Defense), Rye (Ranged), Black Raisin (Ambush), Cherry  Blossom (Magic)
19Fruit  Fiesta PvEWildberry  (Defense), Raspberry (Magic), Mango (Charge), Fig (Support), Cherry (Ambush)
20Special  Ops PvEPumpkin  Pie (Magic), Blueberry Pie (Magic), Mala Sauce (Ambush), Lilac (Support),  Chili Pepper (Magic)
21Elite  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Sea Fairy (Magic), Dark Cacao (Defense), Wildberry  (Defense), Clotted Cream (Support)
22Sustain  & DefenseAvocado  (Defense), Beet (Ambush), Herb (Healer), Carrot (Ranged), Clover (Support)
23Ultimate  PvP DefenseCotton  (Support), Frost Queen (Magic), Sea Fairy (Magic), Hollyberry (Defense),  Cocoa (Support)
24Balanced  PvPEclair  (Magic), Poison Mushroom (Magic), Affogato (Bomber), Dark Choco (Defense),  Cotton (Support)
25Night  Ops PvESquid  Ink (Ambush), Stardust (Magic), Moonlight (Magic), Space Doughnut (Support),  Cream Puff (Healer)
26Magical  SupremacyPure  Vanilla (Healer), Eclair (Magic), Purple Yam (Defense), Wildberry (Defense),  Cream Unicorn (Support)
27PvP  ControlEclair  (Magic), Cotton (Support), Dark Choco (Defense), Pumpkin Pie (Magic), Crunchy  Chip (Ranged)
28Story  ModePancake  (Support), Princess (Ranged), Knight (Defense), Cherry (Ambush), Custard  Cookie III (Healer)
29Aggressive  PvPSea  Fairy (Magic), Caramel Arrow (Ranged), GingerBrave (Charge), Kumiho (Magic),  Dark Cacao (Defense)
30Balanced  PvPCotton  (Support), Eclair (Magic), Poison Mushroom (Magic), Affogato (Bomber), Dark  Choco (Defense)
31Ultimate  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Dark Choco (Defense), Sea Fairy (Magic), Hollyberry  (Defense), Devil (Charge)
32Balanced  PvPDark  Choco (Defense), Cotton (Support), Poison Mushroom (Magic), Affogato  (Bomber), Eclair (Magic)
33Elite  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Sea Fairy (Magic), Dark Choco (Defense), Hollyberry  (Defense), Espresso (Magic)
34Fruit  Fiesta PvEWildberry  (Defense), Raspberry (Magic), Mango (Charge), Cherry (Ambush), Fig (Support)
35Ultimate  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Frost Queen (Magic), Sherbet (Support), Hollyberry  (Defense), Financier (Bomber)
36Ultimate  PvP DefensePure  Vanilla (Healer), Sherbet (Support), Financier (Bomber), Hollyberry  (Defense), Frost Queen (Magic)
37Aggressive  PvPSea  Fairy (Magic), Dark Cacao (Defense), Caramel Arrow (Ranged), Kumiho (Magic),  GingerBrave (Charge)
38Versatile  DefenseOnion  (Bomber), Carrot (Ranged), Avocado (Defense), Blackberry (Magic), Gumball  (Charge)
39Sustain  & DefenseAvocado  (Defense), Beet (Ambush), Clover (Support), Carrot (Ranged), Herb (Healer)
40Elite  PvP DefensePure Vanilla (Healer), Moonlight  (Magic), Blueberry Pie (Magic), Wildberry (Defense), Hollyberry (Defense)

Cookie Run Kingdom Best Team

The “best” team composition in “Cookie Run: Kingdom” highly depends on the context of the game you’re focusing on-be it PvP (Player vs. Player) battles, PvE (Player vs. Environment) stages, Guild Battles, or other specialized events.

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, a balanced team typically includes a mix of roles: Front (Tank), Middle (Damage Dealer or Support), and Rear (Healer or Ranged Damage Dealer). Let’s analyze a few standout teams based on these criteria:

Team 9: Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie

  • Balance and Synergy: This team is well-rounded with tanking (Hollyberry Cookie), healing (Pure Vanilla Cookie), and high DPS (Sea Fairy Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie). It’s suited for both PvP and PvE.
  • Strengths: Strong survivability due to the healing from Pure Vanilla Cookie and the tanking from Hollyberry Cookie, combined with the high DPS from Sea Fairy Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie.
  • Weaknesses: Relies heavily on Sea Fairy Cookie for DPS, which can be a disadvantage if she’s countered or taken out early in battle.

Team 21: Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie

  • Balance and Synergy: Similar to Team 9 but replaces a tank (Hollyberry Cookie) with another (Wildberry Cookie) and swaps out Black Pearl Cookie for Clotted Cream Cookie, focusing more on defense and control.
  • Strengths: Excellent control and defense, making it hard for the enemy to penetrate the frontline. Good healing and DPS balance.
  • Weaknesses: Slightly less offensive power compared to Team 9, depending on Clotted Cream Cookie’s utility in battle.

Team 33: Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie

  • Balance and Synergy: This team brings a mix of control (Espresso Cookie), defense (Hollyberry Cookie), healing (Pure Vanilla Cookie), and DPS (Sea Fairy Cookie, Dark Choco Cookie).
  • Strengths: Strong crowd control from Espresso Cookie can disrupt enemy formations, complementing the DPS and tanking roles effectively.
  • Weaknesses: Might struggle against teams with high burst damage or those that can quickly eliminate key cookies like Espresso or Sea Fairy Cookie.

Each of the compositions outlined has its strengths and is tailored to excel in specific aspects of the game. However, some compositions may stand out due to their versatility, strength in the current meta, or their ability to perform well across a variety of situations. Let’s analyze a few notable setups:

Best Team Consideration

While each team has its strengths, Team 9 stands out for its balanced approach to healing, defense, and offense, making it versatile for various game modes. The synergy between these cookies ensures high survivability while still being able to output significant damage. Hollyberry Cookie provides excellent front-line defense, Pure Vanilla Cookie offers sustained healing, and Sea Fairy Cookie, along with Dark Cacao and Black Pearl Cookies, ensure high damage output against both single targets and groups.

However, the “best” team can vary based on the latest game meta, cookie levels, treasures, and specific strategies employed by players. It’s also crucial to adapt your team composition based on the enemies you’re facing and the challenges of the game mode you’re participating in.

Choosing the Best Team for Yourself

Ultimately, the best team for you will depend on your unique collection of cookies, their levels, the treasures you have available, and your gameplay style. It’s also essential to adapt to the game’s evolving meta, as new cookies and balance changes can shift which compositions are most effective. Experimentation and adaptation are key to staying competitive and enjoying the game to its fullest.

Considering all the team compositions and focusing on versatility, effectiveness across game modes, and current gameplay trends, the meta for “Cookie Run: Kingdom” often revolves around combinations that offer strong defense, potent healing, and high damage output, alongside utility to handle various scenarios. While the game’s meta can shift with updates, new cookies, and balance changes, a “best” team composition would balance these elements effectively.

Current Meta “Best Team” Composition

  1. Pure Vanilla Cookie (Healer): Provides strong healing and a shield, making it almost indispensable for both PvP and PvE for its sustainability.
  2. Sea Fairy Cookie (Magic): Known for its high damage output, especially effective against bosses in PvE and a significant threat in PvP with its piercing attack.
  3. Hollyberry Cookie (Defense): Offers excellent tanking capabilities with her ability to absorb damage for the team, making her a top choice for the front line.
  4. Dark Cacao Cookie (Defense): Another formidable defender, Dark Cacao provides a blend of offense and defense, enhancing team resilience.
  5. Cotton Cookie (Support): Brings to the team healing over time, crowd control with her summons, and a passive boost to the team’s attack, making her versatile across game modes.


  • Versatility: This team is well-rounded, capable of handling various scenarios with strong defense, healing, and damage output. It’s equipped to tackle high-level PvE stages, excel in Arena PvP, and perform well in Guild Battles.
  • Sustainability and Control: Pure Vanilla and Cotton Cookies ensure the team’s longevity in battle with healing, while Hollyberry and Dark Cacao protect the team by absorbing damage. Cotton’s sheep can also help in controlling the battlefield by distracting enemies.
  • Offensive Capability: Sea Fairy Cookie provides the necessary firepower to take down tough opponents quickly, making this team not just about defense and healing but also ensuring it can output significant damage when needed.


  • Adaptability: This composition is strong but not invincible. Always consider the specific challenges of each game mode and be ready to swap in cookies that might address particular threats or objectives better.
  • Upgrades and Treasures: The effectiveness of this “best team” is significantly influenced by the level of each cookie, their skill levels, and the treasures equipped. Prioritizing upgrades for this core team will enhance their performance across the board.
  • Meta Shifts: Stay alert to game updates and community discussions. New cookies or changes to existing ones can quickly shift the meta, requiring adjustments to what’s considered the “best” team.

While this team composition stands out as particularly strong in the current meta, success in “Cookie Run: Kingdom” also depends on how well you utilize your cookies’ abilities, manage your resources, and adapt to the dynamics of each battle.

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